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About the Leadership Foundations programme

The NHS Leadership Academy in collaboration with HEE e-Learning for Healthcare has designed the Edward Jenner Programme as a new multi-professional e-learning resource. The aim of this resource is to support clinicians in developing the fundamentals of leadership resulting in an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Leadership Foundations.

The NHS Leadership Academy is championing this excellent opportunity to provide a resource that will support clinicians who are newly qualified or new to a role (for example a nurse to health visitor) and those clinicians returning to practice after a career break. The resource is also applicable to those who are new to leadership and/or a leadership role.

The content has been written and designed by clinicians for clinicians and has been produced by multi-professional authors from a wide range of clinical backgrounds (including doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nurses). We have liaised extensively with key partners to produce this flexible resource that will support clinicians in their role to deliver high quality, compassionate and safe patient care. Quality assurance for the content has been provided by double editing, peer review, stakeholder review and Critical Eye events (including internal and external moderation).

Angela Dempsey Clinical Lead

More information

A total of 21 learning sessions have been created on the fundamentals of leadership and the resource is aligned to the five core domains of the Clinical Leadership Competency Framework. Each of the five domains or modules is made up of four 30 minute learning sessions. The resource concentrates on laying the foundations of leadership providing clinicians with the fundamentals of best practice in leadership and providing tools and frameworks to help them acquire and utilise those skills. The learner will be encouraged to contextualise their learning through practical case scenarios, reflections on their own area of practice and activities designed to promote effective care based on service user perspectives.

This resource can be used by individual clinicians or employing organisations to underpin organisational training programmes. There are a wide range of activities and experiences included that can be used as a blended approach to learning and assessment. The Edward Jenner programme is accessible to everybody and is designed with sufficient flexibility to allow individual sessions to be accessed (according to learning need) or completion of each session sequentially. To further support lifelong learning, each session will include downloadable worksheet activities, a certificate of completion and reflective log which can be built into a Continual Professional Development (CPD) portfolio.

The Academy would like to thank all the clinicians, service users and organisations who have supported the development of the Edward Jenner Programme. We hope you continually revisit the programme material and also take advantage of the sign posting within the resource to access further learning to support your leadership journey.

The Leadership Fundamentals curriculum is made up of 21 e-learning sessions which are based on the five core components that make up the Clinical Leadership Competency Framework.

Summary information regarding each Competency Framework module can be found below.

Competency Framework modules

  • Demonstrating Personal Qualities

  • Working with Others

  • Managing Services

  • Improving Services

  • Setting Direction

Sample sessions

The following e-learning sessions are provided to demonstrate what a prospective learner can expect when working through the Leadership Foundations programme. The curriculum is made up of 21 knowledge based sessions which are designed to build on a user’s knowledge and understanding of a subject in an inductive manner. The sample sessions below show the type of multimedia functionality that is used to support a learner as they progress through a typical e-learning session.

  • 0.1 Introduction to the Edward Jenner Programme: Leadership Foundations 

    This introductory session on Leadership Foundations provides an overview of the e-learning curriculum and describes how to get the best out of the e-learning programme and use the exercises in your own professional working environment.

  • 2.1 Developing networks

    This knowledge session is taken from module 2, Working with Others, of the Leadership Competency Framework and describes the importance of networking and multi-professional approaches to working and learning as a healthcare practitioner.

  • 4.3 Encouraging improvement and innovation

    This knowledge session is taken from module 4, Improving Services, of the Leadership Competency Framework and explores ways to support the creation of a climate of continuous service improvement in the workplace.

Project Team

  • Angela Dempsey

    Angela Dempsey

    Clinical Lead, NHS Leadership Academy
  • Jonathan Guy

    Jonathan Guy

    Project Manager, e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly

    Lead Instructional Designer, e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Christine Sykes

    Christine Sykes

    Module Editor (NHS Leadership Academy) and Practice Education Facilitator, Health Education East of England (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Workforce Partnership)
  • Caragh Urquhart

    Caragh Urquhart

    Module Editor (NHS Leadership Academy) and Practice Education Facilitator, Health Education East of England (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Workforce Partnership)
  • Louise Gambling

    Louise Gambling

    Project Support, NHS Leadership Academy

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NHS healthcare staff in England

The Leadership Foundations programme is also available to NHS healthcare staff via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). Accessing this e-Learning via ESR means that your completions will transfer with you throughout your NHS career.

Further details are available here.

Available to all

The NHS Leadership Academy website www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk provides free access to anyone wishing to complete the e-learning resource as part of their professional development. Click on the link to visit the site and learn more about The Edward Jenner Programme: Leadership Foundations. If you access the content using this link, you will not have to log in but your activity will not be tracked and you will not be able to generate a record of completion.

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