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About the Pharmacy Contract Management programme

This e-learning tool is designed to assist NHS Hospital Pharmacy procurement staff with the task of changing the details for the sourcing of medicines in a timely manner. The contract change process in Trusts is onerous and this simple training package provides assistance in the changes to numerous records.

Every two years, the contracts for medicines procurement are renewed. These changes impact on pharmacy procurement staff to change the records in a timely fashion, to take advantage of the new arrangements but equally important, not to purchase from suppliers which are no longer approved.

The Commercial Medicines Unit of the Department of Health recognises that changes to contract details can be an arduous task for each Trust and assistance in support for this process is an ongoing priority. Therefore, the Commercial Medicines Unit has been working with the eTrading suppliers and pharmacy system suppliers to facilitate helpful solutions in this area of work.

More information

This programme consists of two separate training packages for users of:

  • Powergate software, produced GHX Europe
  • Medecator software, produced by AAH Pharmaceuticals


This training package consists of a ‘show-and-try’ tool, which demonstrates steps initially, then allows the learner to try to replicate the steps in a simulated environment. This is designed to prime the learner with the ability to perform this task for real with a file supplied from the Commercial Medicines Unit before the next contract change, to populate the appropriate Powergate field with expiry dates for the contract, to break the link and uncouple the match.

It also provides support as the training can be referred to again whilst performing the process in the real world.


This training package also consists of a ‘show-and-try’ tool to explain how to perform the manipulations in Medecator to assist with contract changing processes.

Project Team

  • Judie Finesilver

    Judie Finesilver

    Commercial Medicines Unit, Department of Health
  • e-LfH-staff-Neha-Baj-learning-profile

    Neha Baj

    Senior Project Manager, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Tristan Nunn

    Tristan Nunn

    Powergate, GHX UK Ltd.  
  • Davinder Pooni

    Davinder Pooni

    Medecator, Celesio UK

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