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This programme is in partnership with...
  • Surrey and Sussex healthcare nhs trust

About the Quality Ward Round programme

The Quality Ward Round Programme was set up in 2012 following local work by the team at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust to develop a low technology simulation ward round training programme.

The team had found that despite ward rounds being a core clinical activity for doctors and key to ensuring patient safety, few doctors had ever had any formal training in how to lead and participate effectively in them. As a result of this and wider work to improve safety on ward rounds, the simulation based training was developed. The training received excellent feedback and to date over 500 final year medical students and foundation doctors in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region have undertaken the training. Published evidence has shown the training to be well received and can improve the confidence of those participating in ward rounds (Clinical medicine Teaching a ‘good’ ward round 2015 Apr;15(2):135-8)

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Promote confidence in leading and participating in rounds
  • Better understand what makes a good ward round for patients, for multidisciplinary teams and for organisations
  • Promote patient safety awareness and how ward rounds influence this
  • Promote multidisciplinary working and team responsibility for patient safety

Programme background

In 2012, the team at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust collaborated with partners in the Kent, Sussex and Surrey region including Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Western Sussex Foundation NHS Trust and the South West Thames Foundation school with support from Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex to take the work further. The programme has been replicated in other Trusts regionally and helped to generate similar training in other centres across the UK. The final part of the project development is the e-learning module.

Meet the team

  • Dr Natalie King

    QWRP Lead and Clinical Lead in Acute Medicine, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Dr Chris Bruce

    Dr Chris Bruce

    Specialty trainee in Cardiology and General Internal Medicine, KSS Deanery
  • Dr Sean Scattergood

    Dr Sean Scattergood

    Foundation trainee 2015-16
  • Dr Andrew Williams

    Dr Andrew Williams

    Foundation trainee 2015-16
  • Dr Andy Kermode

    Dr Andy Kermode

    Foundation trainee 2014-15
  • Clare Futcher

    Clare Futcher

    TAP e-learning coordinator
  • Dr Wes Scott-Smith

    Dr Wes Scott-Smith

    Brighton and Sussex Medical School
  • Dr Martin Parry

    Dr Martin Parry

    South Thames Foundation School
  • Dr Neal Gent

    Dr Neal Gent

    Western Sussex Foundation NHS Trust

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