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Antimicrobial Resistance

The Antimicrobial Resistance programme has been designed to support all health and social care staff – both clinical and non-clinical - in a variety of settings to understand the threats posed by antimicrobial resistance, and ways they can help to tackle this major health issue. This programme has been developed by Health Education England in collaboration with Public Health England and NHS England.

Antibiotic (antimicrobial) resistance poses a major threat to everyday life and modern day medicine where lives could be lost as a result of antibiotics not working as they should. All health and social care staff, as well as the public, have a very important role in preserving the power of antibiotics and in controlling and preventing the spread of infections.         

This programme consists of an e-learning session entitled ‘Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance: An Introduction’ aimed at all health and social care staff, and a myriad of resources to support awareness and education of clinical staff on antimicrobial resistance in different care settings.

The aims of these resources are to help health and social care staff:

  • Discuss why there is such a concern about misuse of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance.

  • List the key risks for development of antimicrobial resistance.

  • Identify their role in tackling antimicrobial resistance.

There is also a guide for GPs and a short informative animation which is aimed at the public and has been produced in partnership with Public Health England to help all prescribers respond appropriately to patients requesting antibiotics without medical need. This animation can be used by all health and social care staff in a variety of settings to raise awareness on the threats posed by antimicrobial resistance. 

All resources provide an educational tool that can be used by organisations to improve infection prevention and control practices and antimicrobial stewardship programmes, which in turn can reduce healthcare-associated infection and antimicrobial resistance. More information can be found on the Antibiotic Guardian website.

Clinical staff who have an active interest and prior experience in the prevention, diagnosis and management of infectious disease should consider taking the free interactive six-week online course on Antimicrobial Stewardship by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, University of Dundee and Future Learn. For more information, please visit Future Learn.

For more information on HEE’s work on antimicrobial resistance, for example our survey of higher education institutions on the embedding of the antimicrobial prescribing and stewardship competencies within undergraduate and postgraduate curricula, please visit our website.


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