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Who we are

e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) is a Health Education England (HEE) Programme working in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies to support patient care by providing e-learning to educate and train the health and social care workforce.

  • Formed following a ground-breaking project in Radiology, e-LfH is now in the process of delivering and developing more than 210 e-learning programmes in partnership with the professional bodies such as Royal Colleges and associations, Department of Health policy teams and other arm’s length programmes/bodies e.g. NHS England and Public Health England.
  • HEE e-LfH programmes contribute to the revolution in UK medical and healthcare training by providing 24/7 access to online, nationally quality-assured materials. Our programmes cover subjects from audiology to anaesthesia, dentistry to dermatology, emergency medicine to end of life care, primary care to prescribing, safeguarding children to statutory and mandatory training.
  • The online training sessions enhance traditional learning, support existing teaching methods and provide a valuable reference point. They are designed and built to be engaging and interactive, using quality images, video, audio and animation to help users learn and retain knowledge. Content is presented using various templates such as ‘real-life’ scenarios, case studies and ‘knowledge bites’.

e-LfH is proud to have achieved many industry awards for best practice in e-learning and to have been quoted as “transforming medical education for the 21st century”.

Our story

R-ITI logo imagee-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) started in Radiology.

In 2003, the NHS identified an urgent need to increase the number of trained radiologists. Traditional training schemes were oversubscribed, but service commitments meant that consultants had no capacity to absorb more trainees.

The NHS needed a radically different approach that gave greater flexibility in meeting training needs whilst at the same time ensuring that the training received was consistent.

In a groundbreaking collaboration that was unique to the UK healthcare sector at that time, the Royal College of Radiologists and Department of Health developed an IT based solution – the Radiology-Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) – to increase training capacity without putting additional strain on current resources.

R-ITI is part of a ‘blended learning’ solution, combining traditional proven teaching models with state of the art e-learning techniques and technology. The result is a national quality assured integrated training system and environment that delivers the entire three-year radiology core curriculum through an an instantly accessible, interactive electronic learning platform.

Initially piloted in three Radiology Academies (2005/06), the R-ITI e-learning solution is now available over the web to all 4,000 UK radiologists and was a significant step forward in the training and development of medical practitioners.

The success of R-ITI has generated a model for the future delivery of generic and professional healthcare training.

e-Learning for Healthcare was formed in April 2007 to deliver a range of programmes, from anaesthesia to audiology, dentistry to dermatology, emergency medicine to end of life care, primary care to prescribing, safeguarding children to statutory and mandatory training.

In 2013, e-LfH transitioned across to Health Education England.

  • “…without e-learning it would have been a real challenge to deliver the Equality and Diversity training – clinicians prioritise clinical work and extra time away would have been a further imposition.”

    Professor Namita Kumar, Postgraduate Dean, Health Education North East
  • There is 24/7 access to excellent images and learning tools wherever you are. You do not have to wait for teaching sessions as you can learn whenever you get a chance.”


Why e-learning?

As one of the world’s largest employers, NHS investment in training must be high quality, efficient and cost-effective.

Trainees work in virtually all hospitals in the UK, and are exposed to a widely varied caseload. However, support from consultants and tutors can vary and there is increasing pressure on time and financial resource for learners or trainers to attend local, regional or national teaching sessions.

There is also no defined national core knowledge content for learners to draw on, or on which local trainers can build their teaching.

e-LfH’s online, distance learning, or e-learning, is regarded as a solution to these problems for the following reasons:

  • A detailed knowledge syllabus is mapped to the relevant curriculum.
  • Identification of national experts to create a comprehensive, nationally quality assured e-learning resource covering the entire curriculum.
  • Content is available anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Learning paths and the Learning Management System enable learners and trainers to match the e-learning to their current learning needs and clinical case load, ensuring that theory is reinforced by practice.
  • e-assessment tools provide learners and trainers with evidence of progress and can be interrogated at local and national levels to ensure consistent high quality training.

e-learning complements existing teaching methods

To find out how e-learning complements existing teaching methods, watch the ITN video below.

ESR e-learning

esrAs well as our content being available on the e-LfH Hub, most of our content is also available via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

ESR provides a single point of access for all NHS staff with an ESR record to access national and local NHS e-learning courses, flexibly and free of charge.

The e-learning provided by HEE e-Learning for Healthcare in partnership with the professional bodies such as the Royal Colleges and associations, Department of Health policy teams and other arms length bodies e.g. NHS England and Public Health England covers specialty and non-specialty topics.

Accessing this e-learning via ESR means that completions will transfer with the learner throughout their NHS career.

e-LfH e-learning resources can be found within the ESR e-learning catalogue here.

e-LfH is a Health Education England Programme in partnership with the NHS and Professional Bodies