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Cultural Competence

The Cultural Competence e-learning tool is made up of three 20-30 minute learning sessions. The purpose of the tool is to support clinicians in the NHS to gain knowledge and understanding of the issues around culture and health; and how this might influence health care outcomes.

Being Culturally Competent is not only about respecting and appreciating the cultural contexts of patients’ lives. Neither is it a one-size-fits-all approach – it’s about understanding the way we deliver health care and responding to the needs of our diverse population.

Cultural competence is a key aspect of providing both quality and safe care. This is why health professionals need to be aware and gain understanding of the key issues relating to culture and how this may influence the uptake of health care and treatment options. Developing this knowledge and understanding will influence the way we give care and could have an impact on reducing disparities in health care outcomes.

This e-learning tool provides a resource of information and opportunities for professionals to reflect and review their own understanding and practice. Completing this e-learning tool will enable you to gain insight and confidence in navigating and responding to the varied needs of your patients. This tool can support continued professional development and can be included in your portfolios for revalidation.

The Cultural Competence e-learning tool has been developed by HEE e-Learning for Healthcare and is provided free to all healthcare professionals. The tool has been developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Midwives and other key stakeholders.


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