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Assessment is a pre-requisite to providing high quality care.

In the context of end of life care, assessment needs to be comprehensive and holistic, yet efficient and thoughtfully targeted, mindful of the patient's limited energy and stamina.

Its potential to exhaust patients must be taken into account, so assessments must be conducted purposefully, not just to tick the boxes or complete a full set of documentation.

The process of assessment itself may be a therapeutic encounter that should not be underestimated.

Introduction to principles of assessment: Part 1

This session introduces the learner to the principles of assessment in the context of end of life care: why it is necessary, how it helps in the overall management of the patient and the importance of holistic assessment.

END 02 002It also reminds learners that patients have limited energy and comprehensive assessments are likely to have to be carried out in stages.




Introduction to principles of assessment: Part 2

END 02 003This session describes the stages of the end of life care pathway, and where and when assessments are particularly important.



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