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This two-year project to develop and implement a mental health e-portal aims to support all adults engaging with children and young people in the UK in preventing the decline in children’s mental health.

Project Home ImageThe MindEd programme provides a single of e-learning material covering the breadth of children and young people’s mental health, which will be accessible through a new free-to-access learning management system.

The e-learning content we produce is for both healthcare and non-healthcare workforces, and the general public.

With three-quarters of adult mental disorders in evidence by the age of 21, effective early intervention can be essential in preventing the development of ill health and disability. The MindEd e-Portal will provide accessible, engaging online training in emotional and behavioural ‘first aid’ and essential therapeutic skills for all those involved in the mental wellbeing and care of the 12 million children and young people in the UK, maximising the life chances and opportunities for all.


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