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National RA and Smartcard Policy

NHS Digital launched the Care Identity Service (CIS) in February 2015, introducing new Authentication, Directory and Smartcard Identity Registration services for secure access to Health and Social Care data. 

This service replaced the former spine identity management service (UIM and CMS) and is currently being used by RA (Registration Authority) Managers (RAMs) and their RA staff (RA Agents, Sponsors, ID Checkers and Local Smartcard Administrators) in each of the RA Service Provider Organisations who manage Smartcard access for 1.1 million Smartcard holders/healthcare professionals across the country.

RAMs are trusted individuals who are nominated by the Board or Executive Management Team to act as the RAM for that particular Service Provider Organisation and any subsequent child organisations. They are responsible for developing and implementing local RA policy and processes, creating a digital identity for healthcare professionals who require access to data held on clinical/non-clinical smartcard enabled systems.

RAMs are also responsible for production and management of Smartcards, assignment of the appropriate access rights to an individuals Smartcard, setting up the RA governance structure and ensuring all newly appointed RA staff receive the appropriate level of RA policy and role specific training and are competent in the use of CIS.

This training course has been designed to help RAMs in their training responsibility and is an interactive tool that outlines the key areas of National RA Policy, including the importance of verifying a healthcare professionals identity to the required standards, reaffirms the importance of compliance with national RA policy, the use and issuance of Smartcards and identifies any policy changes since the introduction of CIS.

Why should I complete it?

Although this training is not mandatory, NHS Digital highly recommends all RA staff (including the RAMs) complete the training to gain a greater understanding of their RA role and responsibilities and to appreciate the importance of local and national policy. By successfully completing this course RA staff can gain a certificate that can be used as evidence for the National IG Toolkit. 

How long will it take to complete?

The course will take approximately 25 minutes including a 5 minute assessment at the end, which requires a 100% pass mark.

Is there any further, more detailed, RA training for my particular RA role? 

RA Role Specific training materials can be found here: however, you should liaise with your local RA Manager about how and when to complete this.


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