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Overseas Visitors Cost Recovery

This e-learning package is intended for Trust staff directly involved in the process of recovering treatment costs from overseas visitors and migrants (Overseas Visitor Managers (OVMs) and frontline administrative staff) and staff who want to learn more about the charging rules and their role in supporting their Trust to implement them. There are sessions that are targeted for specific audiences, including OVMs, frontline staff and clinicians.

For more information on these sessions, please see below.


Why cost recovery is important and who we recover costs from

This session introduces cost recovery from overseas visitors and migrants, and highlights to whom Charging Regulations apply.

How we recover costs from overseas visitors

This session will discuss specific ways to charge overseas patients or to recover the costs of their care.

Roles and responsibilities for Overseas Visitor Managers

This session will explain the role and responsibility of all those responsible for managing the recovery of healthcare costs from overseas visitors.

Roles and responsibilities for Clinicians

This session will explain the role and responsibility of clinical staff in recovering costs from overseas visitors for their NHS healthcare.

Roles and responsibilities for Administrative Staff

This session will describe the role and responsibility for administrative staff in the visitor and migrant NHS cost recovery.

Equalities and Vulnerable Groups

This session is designed for all staff who work with patients who could potentially be chargeable overseas visitors. This session includes steps to take to ensure that all patients are treated fairly and non-discriminatorily, so that health equality and vulnerable groups are not negatively impacted in the implementation of the Charging Regulations.

Implementing The Charging Rules: Charging Categories And Financial Incentives

This session sets out the financial arrangements for implementing the charging rules in NHS Trusts.

Implementing The Charging Rules: Estimating Charges For Overseas Visitors And The Billing Process

This session explains the process for charging overseas visitors for their healthcare and the steps you need to put in place.

Implementing the Charging Rules: The Patient Record and Editing Chargeable Data

This session describes the enhancements to the ‘chargeable status’ part of the patient record on the Spine and the process for making changes to the information on the record. 


The e-learning is not intended as a substitute for the Overseas Visitor Charging Regulations 2015 or the Guidance to these regulations. 


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