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Sexual Health and HIV

Latest 2016 session updates

  • Sexual Problems Part 1 (01_15)

  • Gonorrhoea: Natural History and Management (03_03)

  • Sexual Problems Part 4 (01_18) ***New Session***

2016 session updates - Full list

The following sessions have been updated for 2016:

  • Occupational Exposure to HIV (11_04)

  • Sexual History (01_02)

  • PEPSE (11_06)

  • First Line Use of Antiretrovirals (12_05)

  • Trichomonas Vaginalis (10_02)

  • Notification and Voluntary Reporting in Sexual Health (16_012)

  • Sexual Problems Part 1 (01_15)

  • Gonorrhoea: Natural History and Management (03_03)

  • Sexual Problems Part 4 (01_18) ***New Session***


eHIV-STI is an engaging and extensive e-learning programme supporting specialist training in Sexual Health & HIV. 

It has been developed by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) and the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians in partnership with HEE e-Learning for Healthcare. 

eHIV-STI provides the knowledge framework for healthcare professionals treating and supporting people with sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and related conditions.

It can be supplemented by training in the clinical setting to reinforce the knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes necessary for successful practice in the area.

The training material provides an extensive knowledge base for STIs and HIV and is delivered at three levels from introductory, to more advanced and finally specialist knowledge so that learning can be appropriately structured.

image2Around 140 sessions of e-learning incorporating video clips and case studies cover large parts of the knowledge components of the sexual health and HIV (Genitourinary Medicine) curriculum for trainees. Many components are also relevant for trainees in related specialties such as dermatology, infectious diseases and gynaecology, as well as those in primary care wanting to increase their knowledge in the area of sexual health and HIV.


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