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Coping with long-term conditions: a patient’s journey

Kieron Bradshaw, 2 March 2023
A collection of photos illustrating integrated healthcare around patients.

A person living with one or more long-term condition(s) may access a combination of services from across the healthcare system: from primary care and community healthcare services, to outpatient appointments and acute hospital stays.

To highlight just some of the problems that people may encounter throughout their journey, they can often:

  • receive treatment that is not specific to their needs
  • be unsure of who to approach when they have a problem
  • have no access to their care records – or their records may be unavailable between healthcare settings
  • lack confidence to do daily activities and be unable to achieve their goals.

These are just some of the barriers to great care that occur, and they tend to be best summed up as failure to provide integrated or personalised care around the individual.

Although long-term conditions cannot at present be cured, people living with these conditions can be supported to maintain a good quality of life. We want to help healthcare colleagues to improve this patient journey.

Our PRosPer Long-Term Conditions elearning programme is available to assist all health and care staff to deliver more personalised care.

Developed from resources created by Macmillan Cancer Support, the online training can help you to move away services that only deal with one condition; and will help you to avoid single condition guidelines that carry attendant dangers of polypharmacy, and that exclude a holistic approach to service users. The training can also support you to identify vulnerable people who might then be given extra help to avoid hospital admission or deterioration/complications of their condition(s).


To access the training today, simply visit the PRosPer Long-Term Conditions programme page on the elearning for healthcare hub.

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