COVID-19 update for w/c 6 April 2020 2020 - elearning for healthcare
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COVID-19 update for w/c 6 April 2020 2020

Alex Drinkall, 16 April 2020

HEE elearning for healthcare’s (elfh) COVID-19 elearning programme is free to access, with no requirement to log in, for the entire UK health and care workforce, including the NHS, independent sector and social care.

The COVID-19 programme now includes:

  • Essential Guidance from the NHS, UK Government, WHO and BMJ
  • Public Health England – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Resources for Staff Working in Critical Care Setting
  • Resources for Staff Working in Acute Hospital Setting
  • Resources for Staff Working in Primary Care and Community Setting
  • Resources for Nurses, Midwives and AHPs Returning to work, being Redeployed or Up-Skilled
  • Resources for other Healthcare Staff Returning to Work
  • Resources for End of Life Care COVID-19
  • Resources for Specific Professions
  • Resources for Volunteers supporting Health and Social Care
  • Equipment Quick Guides
  • Staff Wellbeing and Resilience during COVID-19

Daily content updates

6 April: New content added includes four learning paths for nurses and allied health professionals and a document created by HEE’s Knowledge Management Team listing resources from Royal Colleges and other professional bodies.

7 April: HEE elfh’s COVID-19 elearning programme has been launched 424,435 times since it was created, with 42,523 of those launches being on Monday 6 April 2020.

A new elearning programme has been added to HEE elfh’s catalogue today called “Foundation Fast Track” which is for the next intake of foundation doctors who have been fast tracked to support the workforce in responding to the pandemic.

8 April: The COVID-19 programme has been launched 465,122 times in the UK since it went live. The elearning programme has been made available, free of charge, to health and care colleagues working throughout the world via eIntegrity. The content is currently being used in 76 countries.

Additional resources added to the Staff Wellbeing and Resilience folder. More content has also been added to the ventilator course in the Equipment Quick Guides. A new learning path available for staff involved in the nursing care and management of patients with acute medical conditions – this can be found in the folder named Resources for Staff being Up-Skilled or Redeployed (Nurses and AHPs).

HEE’s mental health team has published an interim Physical Care Competency Framework for Mental Health and Learning Disability Settings.

The framework, which is hosted on elfh, incorporates elements of the knowledge and skills needed for registered clinical staff working in mental healthcare and/or learning disability settings to be able to meet the physical health needs of service users with serious mental illness and/or service users with a learning disability.

HEE continues to evaluate the framework and will publish the final version later this year, however, it is particularly relevant in light of COVID-19 implications to make this resource accessible now.

To access the document select here.

9 April: Launches on the HEE elfh COVID-19 programme surpasses 500,000 for the first time with launches on the platform reaching 501,451.

A new learning path added to the COVID-19 elearning programme for members of the health and social care workforce working in the community.

New programme called Returning Clinicians (excluding GPs) has been added to the elfh Hub. The programme is for clinicians supporting 111 calls.

External resources directory

HEE TEL has received offers of support from a range of organisations and commercial suppliers to support the workforce in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources are considered to be complementary to the central provision of the education and training resources provided through the elfh Hub’s COVID-19 programme.

HEE TEL’s content review group has reviewed and collated the resources into a directory for the wider system to access.  It is recommended that the resources are reviewed, and quality assured locally before being used to ensure they meet the need they are being used to address. To access the directory select here.

If you have any queries about the directory, please email:

For more information and to access the HEE elfh COVID19 programme visit

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