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MindEd’s new online Adverse Childhood Behaviours sessions

Louise Garrahan, 18 November 2020

New sessions added to MindEd’s Adverse Childhood Behaviours elearning programme
Health Education England elearning for healthcare has added three new sessions on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to its MindEd mental health elearning programme.
A child, whose mind and body are overly stressed and in fight, flight or freeze mode, is not open for learning. ACEs have short and long-term negative life changing consequences across education, health, care, criminal justice, later employment and life expectancy outcomes.

The new sessions, which complement the existing three sessions that went live in September 2020, are aimed at teachers and other professionals in schools. They focus on case studies across three different areas:

  • Multi-agency Working – this session focuses on a mental health service which addresses issues with multiple agencies using different frameworks to support children with ACEs, which can lead to miscommunication between professionals. The learner will be prompted to think about some techniques that work in meetings, and how to manage disagreement.
  • Anxiety and Distress in the Classroom: Internalising Difficulties – in this session the learner is asked to think about how to help children in the classroom who have ACEs. Learners meet Billy, aged 10, who is distressed about moving to senior school and Kayleigh, aged 16, who feels excluded by her peers but has fortunately found one good friend and a supportive teacher. The session explores how to separately support Kayleigh, in simple but important ways that make all the difference.

Behavioural Issues in the Classroom: Externalising Difficulties – this session focuses on a young boy who has not completed his homework due to difficulties at home living with a mother who has depression and alcoholism. Through this session learners explore how to be sensitive in these situations and avert difficulties in the classroom with young people who can be volatile because of their circumstances.
The sessions are freely available to access here: https://www.minded.org.uk/Component/Details/653614.

MindEd is a free educational resource for mental health support. The variety of free resources aims to provide adults, across professions and organisations and including parents and carers, with the knowledge to support wellbeing, the understanding to identify young and older people at risk of a mental health condition and the confidence to act on their concern and, if needed, signpost to services that can help.
For more information about MindEd visit: https://www.minded.org.uk/.

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