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New elearning offers hot weather guidance for carers

Vanessa Bassnett, 4 July 2023
New elearning offers hot weather guidance for carers

Hot weather can pose a range of health threats to elderly and vulnerable people so new elearning has launched increase carers’ awareness of the risks and show how to protect themselves and those they care for.

Older people and those with underlying medical conditions are particularly vulnerable to the effects of high temperatures which include increased risk of heart attack, stroke, lung problems and even death. This means people living in care homes, those who are unable to care for themselves or those who require support in their day-to-day lives are more at risk becoming unwell in hot weather.

The elearning has been created in collaboration with NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care and the UK Health Security Agency and is hosted on the Learning Hub.

It is intended for front line carers who are supporting elderly and vulnerable people both in domestic and care settings. The modules explain the health risks of excess and extreme heat in care settings and demonstrate quick and simple measures to reduce the health risk.

Modules include:

  • Heat exhaustion and heatstroke
  • How to cool down a home or care home
  • Prevent dehydration
  • Protection from the sun
  • Further precautions

The session is based on guidance published by the UKHSA on hot weather and health.

To access the training visit the webpage:

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