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  • Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network

About the Acute NIV programme

The aim of this project is to improve the delivery of acute Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) care across the KSS region and the rest of the UK, and to reduce mortality and ensure patient safety by better adherence to guidelines.

The project will standardise and improve the competencies of those healthcare professionals involved in the provision of acute NIV care by creating new NIV training material and establishing and monitoring its delivery.

This training package is designed to be taken prior to doing a practical training session at your organisation. The practical documents and guidance on delivering the practical session can be found below.

More information

The Guidance on Practical Acute Non Invasive Ventilation Session document is available both in Word and PDF formats.

This document consists of:

  • the competency assessment for the practical session
  • a guide to completion of the practical session
  • case studies and supplementing documentation

This document includes, competency sign off for the practical sessions and case study scenarios, which can be run or used within the practical sessions and underpin the basis for assessment. Training may be run differently within your own organisation, however it must meet the minimum standards outlined within the competency assessment.

Please contact the NIV trainer in your hospital for further information on how to book your local practical session.

Project team

  • Lisa Vincent-Smith

    Lisa Vincent-Smith

    NIV Clinical Lead, KSS AHSN / Consultant Respiratory Physician, Medway NHS Foundation Trust
  • Ellie Wells and Eva Lazar

    Ellie Wells and Eva Lazar

    Improvement Coordinators, KSS AHSN
  • andi blackmore

    Andi Blackmore

    Project Manager, HEE elearning for healthcare
  • elfh-staff-Neha-Baj-learning-profile

    Neha Baj

    Content Development Lead, HEE elearning for healthcare

Session 1 authors

  • Danielle Evans

    Danielle Evans

    Clinical Lead in Respiratory Physiotherapy
  • Marie Dormer

    Marie Dormer

    Nurse Educator for Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust
  • Deborah Dykes

    Deborah Dykes

    Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
  • Katrine Steele

    Katrine Steele

    Consultant Respiratory Physician
  • Louise Armstrong

    Louise Armstrong

  • Carla Price

    Carla Price

  • Magda Bannister

    Magda Bannister

Session 2 authors

  • Meagan Whelan

    Meagan Whelan

    Registered Respiratory Therapist
  • Peter Venn

    Peter Venn

    Peter Venn MBBS FRCA Consultant Anaesthetist, Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead

Session 3 author

  • John McShane

    John McShane

    Critical Care Outreach Practitioner and Team Leader in Respiratory Physiotherapy

Session 4 authors

  • Lucy Flight

    Lucy Flight

    Senior Respiratory Nurse
  • Sudhir Lohani

    Sudhir Lohani

    Consultant Respiratory Physician
  • Rebecca Young

    Rebecca Young

    Registrar in Respiratory Medicine
  • Michelle Ramsay

    Michelle Ramsay


Session 5 authors

  • Lisa Vincent-Smith

    Lisa Vincent-Smith

    Respiratory Physician
  • Jane Kindred

    Jane Kindred

  • Rosemary-Chester

    Rosemary Chester

    Core Medical Trainee Junior Doctor

Session 6 authors

  • Iain Wheatley

    Iain Wheatley

    Nurse Consultant Acute and Respiratory Care
  • Emily Hughes

    Emily Hughes

    Team Lead for Medicinal Physiotherapy
  • Leigh Hughes

    Leigh Hughes

    Clinical Specialist in Acute NIV and Medicine

Practical sessions subgroup

  • Dr Kate Brignall

    Dr Kate Brignall

    Consultant Respiratory Physician, Medway NHS Foundation Trust
  • John McShane

    John McShane

    Critical Care Outreach Physiotherapist, Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Iain Wheatley

    Iain Wheatley

    Nurse Consultant- Acute & Respiratory Care, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Diane Barton

    Diane Barton

    Lead Nurse – Respiratory Specialist Medicine, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
  • Lucy Rushton

    Lucy Rushton

    Respiratory Nurse, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Content reviewers

  • Katrine Steele

    Katrine Steele

    Consultant Respiratory Physician, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Julia Bott

    Julia Bott

    Clinical Co-lead, KSS AHSN

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