Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Out of Hours - elearning for healthcare
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This programme is in partnership with...
  • University of Southampton
  • Oxford University
  • University of Bristol
  • University College London
  • BrisDoc
  • Partnering Health Limited

Background to the AMS Out of Hours programme

Despite a reduction in antibiotic consumption in general practice, usage in other community settings, including out of hours services, has increased. The need to optimise antibiotic prescribing in primary care is an ongoing national and global concern due to the increasing risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). 

The AMS (Antimicrobial Stewardship) Out of Hours programme resulted from the OPEN project (Out of Hours Prescribing: Enhancing Communication), a study about the management of common infections out of hours, on the telephone, in primary care treatment centres and in patients’ homes. 

Researchers collected and analysed 220 field recordings including 68 advice calls, 86 base visits and 66 home visits with patients and caregivers over 12 months. The recordings came from 2 large, out-of-hours providers, serving populations in the South and West of England. 

217 patients, including adults and children, and 66 prescribing professionals from general practice, nursing, and paramedic backgrounds were recruited. Common problems presented were respiratory (45.0%), urinary (21.4%) and skin (14.1%). 

About the elearning

The aim of our evidence-based elearning programme on AMS Out of Hours is to help prescribing healthcare professionals optimise how they communicate with patients presenting with common infections.   

The programme draws on data collected for the OPEN project, using illustrative examples from recordings of real out of hours clinical assessments, including advice calls, primary care centre appointments and home visits.   

All of the sessions have benefited from review with multiple stakeholder groups and are focused on simple techniques that support positive stewardship practices. 

Who it is aimed at:

The programme is primarily aimed at prescribing healthcare professionals working in out of hours community settings including, but not limited to nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and GPs. Experienced prescribers may find it useful to view the consultations and see how other clinicians practice and manage antibiotic prescribing out of hours. 

The elearning sessions focus on out of hours primary care and cover the following topics: 

  • session 1: Managing patient expectations  
  • session 2: Providing self-care advice
  • session 3: Delayed antibiotic prescribing
  • session 4: Giving safety netting advice  

Key learning points and self-assessments will be included in each session, to help learners reflect on their knowledge. 

We recommend that learners complete the sessions in the order they appear above, although the sessions can be visited separately, as required. 


Each session should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and a certificate is available to download on completion of each session.


After completing the elearning sessions, we would appreciate your feedbackEach session has a dedicated survey: 

More information

These resources have been developed by a multidisciplinary research team led by social scientists in partnership with 2 large, out of hours service providers. Content has been supplemented by 21 interviews with out of hours clinicians, and each elearning session has been reviewed by stakeholder group representatives, including nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, GPs, patients and caregivers. 

The programme has been created to support the implementation of antibiotic prescribing strategies, recommended by NHS England and NHS Improvement and NICE clinical guidelines. 

Meet the AMS Out of Hours programme team

  • Professor Geraldine M Leydon (BA(Hons), MA, PhD, Dip. PH)

    Professor Geraldine M Leydon (BA (Hons), MA, PhD, Dip. PH)

    Professor in Primary Care, University of Southampton; Co-Lead content author, Delayed antibiotic prescribing in out of hours primary care
  • Dr Rebecca K Barnes (BSc (Hons), Dip. PRM, PhD)

    Dr Rebecca K Barnes (BSc (Hons), Dip. PRM, PhD)

    Senior Qualitative Researcher, University of Oxford; Lead Content author, Safety netting in out of hours primary care
  • Dr Jennie Hayes (BSc (Hons), MA, MSc, PhD)

    Dr Jennie Hayes (BSc (Hons), MA, MSc, PhD)

    Research Associate, University of Bristol; Lead Content author, Managing patient expectations in out of hours primary care
  • Dr Edward JB Holmes (BA (Hons), MA, PhD)

    Dr Edward JB Holmes (BA (Hons), MA, PhD)

    Research Fellow, University of Southampton; Co-Lead Content author, Delayed antibiotic prescribing in out of hours primary care
  • Dr Catherine J Woods (BA, MA, PhD)

    Dr Catherine J Woods (BA, MA, PhD)

    Research Fellow, University of Southampton; Lead Content author, Self-care advice in out of hours primary care

Meet the OPEN project team

  • Professor Geraldine M Leydon – Project lead, University of Southampton 
  • Dr Rebecca K Barnes – Project lead, University of Oxford 
  • Dr Matthew Booker– University of Bristol 
  • Ross Brand – Partnering Health Limited 
  • Dr Paula Gomes Alves – University College London 
  • Dr Jennie Hayes – University of Bristol 
  • Dr Gail Hayward – University of Oxford 
  • Dr Edward J.B. Holmes – University of Southampton 
  • Lydia Holt – University of Bristol 
  • Professor Sue Latter – University of Southampton 
  • Professor Paul Little – University of Southampton 
  • Professor Michael Moore – University of Southampton 
  • Clare-Louise Nicholls – BrisDoc Healthcare Services 
  • Professor Fiona Stevenson – University College London 
  • Dr Beth Stuart– University of Southampton 
  • Dr Joseph Webb – University of Bristol 
  • Dr Catherine J. Woods – University of Southampton 
  • Kate Henaghan-Sykes – OPEN Project Public Patient Involvement (PPI) Lead

Meet the elearning for healthcare team

  • andi blackmore

    Andi Blackmore

    Programme Manager, HEE elearning for healthcare
  • Marnie Greenrod

    Marnie Greenrod

    Project Manager, HEE elearning for healthcare
  • Paula Casey

    Paula Casey

    Learning Designer, HEE elearning for healthcare
  • Rashmi Chavda

    Rashmi Chavda

    Graphic Designer, HEE elearning for healthcare
  • Rachel Gowland

    Rachel Gowland

    Communications Officer, HEE elearning for healthcare

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