Blood Component Use in Major Haemorrhage - elearning for healthcare
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About the programme

This elearning programme has been developed to support you in ordering blood components in a major haemorrhage scenario. The modules aim to develop your understanding of what a major haemorrhage is and identify potential settings in which this might occur. You will also develop an understanding of which blood components are appropriate to use in the different major haemorrhage scenarios.

By working through the modules, you will learn about the key components of a major haemorrhage protocol and identify the role you might play, whether you are clinical or lab based. The principles of initial empirical and targeted use of plasma components in major haemorrhage will be explained.

The modules also provide an opportunity to compare the features and management of major haemorrhage in different clinical scenarios, including trauma, medical, obstetric and understand the laboratory steps for issuing blood components in an emergency situation.

It is advised to complete all 3 modules to gain a thorough understanding of the blood ordering process.

Primary and secondary audiences

This content is relevant to all roles that handle blood and blood transfusion as part of their role. It is also relevant for haematology laboratory staff.

More information

An additional video called Delayed Transfusions in Major Haemorrhage, produced by the Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) may be of interest to learners. The video provides an overview of the transfusion delays in major haemorrhage situations that have been reported to SHOT. It highlights the key steps that need to be taken to prevent delays and promote patient safety.

To access the video, follow the link and scroll to the Delayed Transfusions in Major Haemorrhage video.

Meet the team

  • Anne Davidson – Project Lead – Patient Blood Management – NHS Blood & Transplant
  • Joanne Shorthouse – Patient Blood Management Practitioner – NHS Blood & Transplant
  • Selma Turkovic – Patient Blood Management Practitioner – NHS Blood & Transplant
  • Charlotte Longhorn – Patient Blood Management Practitioner – NHS Blood & Transplant
  • Joanne Bark – Patient Blood Management Practitioner – NHS Blood & Transplant
  • Dr Catherine Booth – Consultant Haematologist – NHS Blood and Transplant and St Barts Hospital
  • Adam Foulkes – Digital Learning Consultant – NHS Blood & Transplant
  • elfh PGM – Jon Guy
  • elfh PM – Jen Plested
  • elfh Comms lead – Rachel Gowland

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