Child Sexual Abuse Awareness - e-Learning for Healthcare
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This programme is in partnership with...
  • Department of Health
  • The Childrens Society

About the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness programme

Seen and Heard is a joint initiative from the Department of Health, The Children’s Society and NHS England. Focused on raising awareness of child sexual abuse (CSA) and exploitation (CSE), the e-learning course provides an authentic, child-centred perspective on abuse and exploitation. The message is clear – if abuse is to stop, children need to be both seen and heard.

Told through the story of Tyler and his experiences of the services he comes into contact with during the course of his abuse, Seen and Heard is narrated by young people, supported by the latest research findings.

More information

This e-learning course lasts approximately one hour and covers the following topics:

  • Basic awareness and prevalence of child abuse and exploitation
  • Noticing the tell-tale signs of abuse, in all its forms
  • Understanding what it’s like to be an abused young person with ‘something to tell’
  • Ensuring abused young people are both seen and heard
  • Understanding why and when children disclose abuse
  • Helping create an environment that supports disclosure
  • Knowing what to do after a young person discloses

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