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This programme is in partnership with...
  • The Royal College of Surgeons of England

About the Dentistry programme

e-Den is an engaging and interactive learning resource delivered through a partnership between the Royal College of Surgeons of England, through a partnership between the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare.

The e-Den curriculum is designed to realise a competent, caring, reflective practitioner, able to develop their career in any branch of dentistry. It also supports the continual professional development (CPD) for dental care professionals and experienced dentists.

Sessions have been written by subject specialists and are typically 20 minutes long. Users can dip in and out of the sessions as they wish.

The aim is to provide an engaging and interactive learning resource that is compatible with a busy professional life.

More information

The curriculum is primarily based on the UK Dental Foundation Training Programme but also takes into account the educational needs of DCPs and more experienced practitioners.

The materials have been designed to be used on any internet enabled device either at home, in the workplace or on the move.

One of the exciting features of these materials is the incorporation of high resolution images and video clips which enrich the learning experience and increase visual accessibility.

The e-learning materials have been split into 12 modules covering broad subject areas. As a learner you can plan and record your learning and work through any module that is relevant to your training needs, in any order you choose.

Project structure

You can find out more about each module by selecting the modules below.

  • Module 1

    Patient Assessment
  • Module 2

    Human Diseases and Medical and Dental Emergencies
  • Module 3

    Anxiety and Pain Control in Dentistry
  • Module 4

    Periodontal Disease and Management
  • Module 5

    Hard and Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Module 6

    Surgical and Non-Surgical Management of Head and Neck Disease
  • Module 7

    Management of the Developing Dentition
  • Module 8

    Restoration of Teeth
  • Module 9

    Replacement of Teeth
  • Module 10

  • Module 11

  • Module 12

    Management and Leadership

Sample sessions

Below are two sessions from e-Den, which like all e-Den sessions, have been written by subject specialists. They demonstrate how the e-learning works, how multimedia features like animation are used to support the learning and how learners can assess their knowledge.

  • Erosive Potential

    This session considers the potential of food and drink to cause dental erosion and how the effects of this can be measured in the laboratory.

  • Anatomy Relevant to Conscious Sedation in Dental Practice

    This session covers the aspects of basic anatomy that are relevant to conscious sedation.

Executive group

  • Julia Moore OBE

    (Chair of Executive Group), National Director, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Paul Brunton

    Paul Brunton

    Clinical Project Lead
  • Derrick Willmot

    Derrick Willmot

    Project Champion
  • Stephen Lambert Humble

    Stephen Lambert Humble

    Postgraduate Dean for Dentistry
  • Alan Ryan

    National Programme Director, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • e-LfH staff - Neha Baj

    Neha Baj

    Project Manager, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • David Johns

    David Johns CBE

    Patient Representative
  • Fatima Bulbulia

    Fatima Bulbulia

    Head of Education, FDS RCS Eng
  • Mike Wheeler

    Mike Wheeler

    DCP Lead
  • Sue Gregory

    Sue Gregory

    Deputy Chief Dental Officer for England
  • Esma Dogramaci

    Esma Dogramaci

    Trainee Representative

Project team

  • Paul Brunton

    Paul Brunton

    Clinical Project Lead
  • e-LfH staff - Neha Baj

    Neha Baj

    Project Manager, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Fatima Bulbulia

    Fatima Bulbulia

    Head of Education, FDS RCS Eng

How to access

In order to access any e-LfH programme, you will need an e-LfH account. If you do not have one, then you can register by selecting the Register button below.

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If you already have an account with e-LfH, then you can enrol on to the Dentistry programme by logging in to the e-LfH Hub, selecting My Account > Enrolment and selecting the programme. You can then access the programme immediately in the My e-Learning section.

How to license

In the event that you do not qualify for free access to the Dentistry programme, you are able to license access through eIntegrity, a community-interest company established for this purpose.

For more information on the licensing options available for the Dentistry programme, please visit the eIntegrity website.

Access to e-Den has already been granted to Dental Foundation trainees, trainers and Deanery staff belonging to one of the Dental Deaneries below.

  • Defence
  • Eastern
  • KSS
  • London
  • Mersey
  • North West
  • Northern
  • Northern Ireland
  • Oxford/Wessex (NESC)
  • Scotland
  • South West
  • South Yorkshire/East Midlands
  • Wales
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire

If you are affiliated with the Dental Foundation Programme or with one of these Deaneries, you should by now have received your username and password by email. If you have not received this yet, please contact your deanery in the first instance.

e-learning resources

Curriculum guide

The e-Den Curriculum Guide outlines the content of the twelve modules that make up e-Den and lists the e-learning sessions that are live on the system. This guide can be stored offline or printed, and provides a quick-access summary of all that e-Den has to offer. The curriculum guide will be updated on a regular basis as the project evolves and progresses.

Curriculum guide >

Tutorial templates

The Tutorial Template aids trainers in integrating planned lectures, workshops and seminars with relevant e-learning sessions from e-Den.

Blank tutorial template

Once filled in by the trainer, the template can then be distributed to trainees prior to the training event to enable required advance reading to be completed, and can also be used to detail any further reading or related reading to be done following the tutorial.

Blank tutorial template >


An example tutorial template has been completed for guidance.

Example tutorial template >


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