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About the Doctors in Training Induction programme

Doctors in Training (DiT) Induction is a national e-learning programme aimed at doctors in training (specifically F1s and F2s), returning doctors and doctors from overseas, working in primary care, secondary care and community settings.

The purpose of this programme is to ensure that doctors in training can demonstrate required levels of knowledge in key clinical areas and to reduce repetition of this training. It incorporates key relevant clinical topics which support doctors in training with the additional competencies needed as part of their induction to provide high quality patient care.

The programme focuses on professional skills in the workplace through three patient journey scenarios and each one comes with an assessment to confirm compliance.

The new induction e-learning programme is available via the HEE e-Learning for Healthcare Hub, as well as the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and some local Learning Management Systems via AICC links.

The new induction resource  can be used in conjunction with the existing statutory and mandatory programme.  For more information on this programme please visit:

Between June and December 2018, we conducted an evaluation of the programme via an online questionnaire. In response to the feedback received, we have completed a review of the assessment questions and have updated them to improve the experience for learners. We have also added some additional content to the scenario to support the assessment. The updated scenarios are now available (July 2019).


The scenarios are as follows:

  • Blood Transfusion and Consent
  • Safe Prescribing and Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
  • Mental Capacity Act and Death Certification.

Each scenario will also cover the learning objectives for Risk Management and Record Keeping, where relevant within the patient scenarios

The learning objectives for this programme have been specially written by experts.

Select the button below to download a copy of the learning objectives.

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Guidance for Trusts and FAQS

Trusts are encouraged to signpost all doctors in training to the e-learning programme as part of their induction. The competencies gained through this online induction package are transferable for up to three years as the doctors in training move between Trusts.

Trusts, through the Director of Medical Education/Clinical Tutor and the Postgraduate Education Manager, need to consider how they can build their induction programme for August 2018 around the opportunities presented by this free induction programme.

Select the button below to download a copy of the Guidance document.

Guidance document >


We have put together a number of FAQs for this programme.

Select the button below to download a copy of the FAQs.

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Meet the team

  • Andi Blackmore – HEE e-LfH Project Manager
  • Alice Denham –HEE e-LfH Lead Instructional Designer
  • Karen Walker –HEE e-LfH Instructional Designer
  • Paula Casey –HEE e-LfH Instructional Designer
  • Rashmi Chavda – HEE e-LfH Graphic Designer
  • Paul Steven – HEE e-LfH Software Developer
  • Patricia Howe – HEE e-LfH Evaluation Project Manager
  • Clare Van Hamel – Clinical Lead, Severn Foundation School Director, Associate Dean
  • Claire Heaney – HEE Project Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Charlotte Teager – HEE Programme Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Neha Baj – HEE  e-LfH Content Development Lead
  • Alex Drinkall – HEE  e-LfH Stakeholder Manager
  • Alan Ryan – Director of National Programmes, Health Education England
  • Neil Ralph – HEE National Programme Lead, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Martin Sinclair – HEE Programme Lead, e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Rob Stacey – Educational Consultant (Learning Objectives and Assessments)
  • Pete Goodrum – Scriptwriter for Scenarios

Steering group

The Steering Group included stakeholders from various organisations, to oversee the development of high quality, national e-learning for the core Doctors in Training Induction Training Programme.


  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Photo Shoot

How to access

In order to access any e-LfH programme, you will need an e-LfH account. If you do not have one, then you can register by selecting the Register button below.

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If you already have an account with e-LfH, then you can enrol on to the Doctors in Training Induction programme by logging in to the e-LfH Hub, selecting My Account > Enrolment and selecting the programme. You can then access the programme immediately in the My e-Learning section.

NHS healthcare staff in England

The Doctors in Training Induction programme is also available to NHS healthcare staff via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). Accessing this e-learning via ESR means that the learner’s completed competencies can be transferred when moving between NHS Trusts.

Further details are available here.

Access from other Learning Management Systems

The Doctors in Training Induction sessions are supported by the AICC communication standard. This allows for remote Learning Management Systems (LMS) to launch the sessions from the e-LfH content server as if they were loaded locally. Enrolment and tracking of usage is retained at the organisation’s LMS. If your local LMS supports AICC, please contact our support desk and we will provide you with the relevant links and instructions to set up courses.

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