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  • Health Education England

About the Medical Mentoring programme

Welcome to the Medical Mentoring e-learning programme.

Health Education England (HEE) is committed to improving Junior Doctors’ working lives and effective mentoring plays a significant part in the development of a trainee. The resource was initially created to train mentors within the London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery, to build an effective mentoring network within the Deanery. The decision was later taken to open the Medical Mentoring programme up to the wider NHS.

This e-learning resource has been created so you can complete the training to become a mentor to junior doctors without the need to travel to a teaching session. It has been split up into two different sections so that you can dip in and out whenever it is convenient.

More information

Course Outline

Mentoring is a learning support mechanism where an experienced person provides guidance, knowledge and advice to someone who is in development or has less experience about a specific topic or function.

The role of a mentor is very important and whether the relationship is formal or informal, the fact is that a good mentor can be instrumental in the development of not only a mentee’s skills and knowledge, but also their behaviour, attitude and professional outlook.

This course will help you to develop your skills as a mentor, increase your awareness of your role and responsibilities as a mentor and highlight how the role of mentor might personally benefit your own development.

After completing and fully participating in this programme you will be better equipped to:

  • explain the mentor/mentee relationship and the roles and responsibilities involved
  • identify a clear set of guidelines and principles for a successful mentoring relationship
  • understand and use specific tools to help you provide effective support for the mentee
  • give constructive feedback and facilitate a process of feedback generation by the mentee
  • feel confident enough to provide high quality mentoring support.

At this time, this programme does not look to address what you should do if you have any mental health or safety concerns with regards to your mentee. Should this be case, please speak to the Peer Mentoring Programme Director within your Deanery, or should this role not exist, you should seek further advice from your line manager, Senior Information Risk Officer, Caldicott Guardian or the Dean of your school.

Meet the team

  • Nicola Storring

    Nicola Storring

    Paediatric Trainee, organiser of KSS Paediatric Mentoring Programme and online mentoring module
  • Andrew Larkin

    Andrew Larkin

    Principal Consultant and content co-author, The Leadership Learning Team
  • Clair Guy

    Clair Guy

    Project Manager, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • e-LfH-staff-Angelina-Montinaro-learning-profile

    Angelina Montinaro

    Instructional Designer, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare

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The content can be viewed via the e-LfH Hub,  and is free to access. Registration allows users to track their learning, provide feedback on sessions, and retain certificates of completion.

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If you already have an account with e-LfH, then you can enrol on to the Medical Mentoring programme by logging in to the e-LfH Hub, selecting My Account > Enrolment and selecting the programme. You can then access the programme immediately in the My e-Learning section.

NHS healthcare staff in England

The Medical Mentoring programme is also available to NHS healthcare staff via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). Accessing this e-Learning via ESR means that your completions will transfer with you throughout your NHS career.

Further details are available here.

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