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This programme is in partnership with...
  • The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR)

About the Radiology programme

The Radiology – Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI), is the award winning e-learning project developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).

R-ITI supports and enhances the learning of ST1-3 specialist registrars on the 5-year radiology training scheme, breaking down the main RCR curriculum into 15 modules by subject area and consisting of around 800 bite-sized e-learning sessions.

The R-ITI e-learning solution is now available over the web to all 5000 UK radiologists. With over 600 hours of e-learning, it is one of the largest e-learning projects in the world.

As part of a continuous improvement programme, R-ITI undergoes regular editorial and design reviews (every 5 years) and is currently in a review cycle. Many sessions have already been reviewed and republished in a new and improved format and many others are due to be republished soon. If you would like to be involved in reviewing a R-ITI e-learning session, please contact


Sample sessions

  • Bone Lesions of the Diaphysis

    Reviewed in 2017

    In this session you will see a range of diaphyseal lesions. Images of aggressive and non-aggressive lesions are presented, together with explanations regarding the pathologies and their differential diagnoses.

  • Cardiac Shapes

    Reviewed in 2015

    This session reviews the normal cardiac outline and which chambers contribute to this, followed by a review of specific chamber enlargement or absence and how this will alter the normal cardiac shape. A review of different diagnoses which result in characteristic cardiac shapes enabling the diagnosis to be made from the chest radiograph. Associated features such as other mediastinal findings and changes in the lungs will be included, where relevant e.g. right aortic arch.

  • Abnormalities of the Bladder and Urethra

    Reviewed in 2016

    In this session you will learn about congenital abnormalities of the bladder and urethra. You will also learn about some normal anatomical structures in the urethra which can be confused with abnormalities.

  • Vestibular_Schwannomas

    Reviewed in 2016

    In this session, we will cover the anatomy of the cerebellopontine angle (CPA) and the common types of CPA lesions with emphasis on vestibular schwannomas. We will briefly discuss the presentation of such lesions and the strategy for their investigation, including the role of computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and advanced MRI sequences.

History of R-ITI

R-ITI’s e-learning resource is based entirely on the knowledge and experience of practising clinical radiologists, representing best practice in radiology and combining traditional proven teaching models with state of the art technology.

Following several years of planning and development, R-ITI was successfully launched in March 2007. Since its launch, it has received a number of industry awards and accolades including the e-Learning Age 2008 Award for Best Online or Distance Learning Project and the e-Government National Awards 2008 for Excellence in Learning and Skills.


R-ITI’s success is driving the future delivery of generic and professional healthcare training in the NHS and is a significant step forward in the training and development of doctors

For more information on the history of R-ITI and how it all began click here.

More information

Project Executive

  • Profile picture of programme director Martin Sinclair

    Martin Sinclair

    Programme Lead, e-Learning for Healthcare
  • William Ramsden

    Medical Director for Education and Training, Royal College of Radiologists
  • e-LfH staff - Jasmin Deol

    Jasmine Deol

    Project Manager, e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Heather Wanstall

    Head of Professional Learning and Development, Royal College of Radiologists
  • Stephen Ellis

    Stephen Ellis

    Clinical Project Lead

Module Editorial and Review Team

We would like to thank the following Module Editors who helped to review various modules but have now stepped down from this role: Stephen Harden on Module 1a, Jai Patel on Module 1c, Ayshea Hameeduddin on Module 3, Laurence Abernethy and Srikrishna Harave on Module 5, Elizabeth Loney on Module 6a and; Kevin Bradley and Fahmid Chowdhury on Module 7.

The following table shows a list of the editors selected to head up the review of each R-ITI module.

Module Editor
1a Cardiac Ausami Abbas (Module Editor)
1b Thoracic-Respiratory Zelena Aziz (Module Editor)
1c Vascular and Interventional Teik Choon, Tarik Ali (Co-editor)
2 Musculoskeletal and Trauma Abdul Gafoor (Module Editor)
3 Gastro-Intestinal Jo Balmer (Module Editor)
4a Breast Nisha Sharma (Module Editor)
4b Gynaecology-Obstetrics Anju Desai (Module Editor)
4c Genito-Urinary Alison Bradley (Module Editor), Harry Bardgett (Co-editor), Jane Belfield (Co-editor)
5 Paediatrics Ima Moorthy (Module Editor), Thyagarajan Manigandan (Co-editor)
6a Head and Neck Dr Trupti (Module Editor)
6b Neuroradiology Adam Thomas (Module Editor)
7 Radionuclide Radiology Clare Beadsmoore (Module Editor), Nabil Hjairi (Co-editor), David Newman (Co-editor)
8a Physics Wil Evans (Module Editor), Anna Burch (Co-editor)
8b Science Gibran Yusuf (Module Editor)
8c Professional Skills Steve Ellis (Editor)

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How to license

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