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About the Supporting a Smokefree Pregnancy and Smokefree Families programme

This e-learning programme focuses on the delivery of very brief advice (VBA) on smoking to pregnant women or those who have recently given birth, including carbon monoxide monitoring. There are specific films and power point resources for both midwives and health visitors, but all are relevant across the whole midwifery and early years team.

NICE guidance recommends that all women are offered CO testing at antenatal appointments, with those having elevated levels referred for specialist support to stop smoking. Health visitors should also be supporting women and families to be smokefree, during, after and before future pregnancy.

Smoking during pregnancy is the largest modifiable risk factor for a range of adverse pregnancy outcomes and VBA is a proven intervention that has the potential to improve the health, and even save the life, of both mother and baby. Exposure to secondhand smoke is also a risks to the health of women, foetus and new born baby.

Although rates have been declining, there are still more than 60,000 babies born each year in England to mothers who have smoked during pregnancy.

All staff coming into contact with pregnant women, new mothers and their families have a role to play in triggering quit attempts and delivering very brief advice on smoking.

These resources are aimed at helping members of midwifery, health visiting and early years teams to deliver very brief advice (VBA) on smoking to their patients.

Consisting of an on-line training programme, some short films demonstrating the intervention in practice and two sets of powerpoint slides providing detailed background and references, this suite of resource should be used as an introduction to delivering advice on smoking, as a refresher for more experienced practitioners or to supplement local face to face training.

More information

These e-learning resources consist of a range of materials that will enable you to:

  • Describe the main effects of smoking upon the health of mother and baby
  • Understand the patterns and prevalence of smoking among pregnant women
  • Provide an overview of VBA (ASK, ADVISE, ACT) and where this fits into the care pathway
  • Establish smoking status (ASK), including CO screening
  • Advise women on the best way of stopping smoking or managing their exposure to smoke (ADVISE)
  • Support women to quit or manage their exposure to smoke (ACT)
  • Deal with issues as they arise

There are a series of short film clips demonstrating each of the key elements and how to respond to situations or questions that may arise. Information is provided on the harms of smoking, the importance of having a brief meaning conversation about smoking and how to integrate this into routine practice. There are also links to further information and resources, and a self-assessment to check learning.

A certificate is available for completion of the full on-line training module. To obtain the certificate learners will need to pass the final self-assessment.

Meet the team

  • Jo Locker

    Jo Locker

    Senior Tobacco Control Programme Manager, Public Health England
  • Martyn Willmore

    Martyn Willmore

    Tobacco Control Programme Manager, Public Health England
  • Andy McEwen

    Andy McEwen

    Chief Executive, National Centre for Smoking Cessation & Training
  • Jonathan Guy

    Senior Project Manager, HEE e-LfH programme
  • e-LfH staff - Steve Hewitt

    Steve Hewitt

    Instructional Designer, HEE e-LfH programme
  • e-LfH-staff-Tamsin-Koronka-learning-profile

    Tamsin Koronka

    Project Manager, HEE e-LfH programme
  • e-LfH-staff-Neha-Baj-learning-profile

    Neha Baj

    Content Development Lead, HEE e-LfH programme
  • Danielle Upton

    Danielle Upton

    Maternity Programme Manager, HEE e-LfH programme
  • Clare Holt

    Producer Director, Nice Tree Films

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