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About the Social Prescribing programme

The NHS Long Term Plan commits to embedding social prescribing link workers within every primary care network (PCN) multi-disciplinary team, as part of a wider shift towards universal personalised care.  Over 1,000 additional trained social prescribing link workers will be in place by the end of 2020/21, with this number rising further by 2023/24, with the aim that over 900,000 people are able to be referred to social prescribing schemes by then.

Social prescribing enables all primary care staff and local agencies to refer people to a link worker, who give people time and focus on what matters to the person, as identified through shared decision making or personalised care and support planning.  Link workers also connect people to local community groups and agencies for practical and emotional support.  Link workers are part of multi-disciplinary teams and collaborate with local partners to support community groups to be accessible and sustainable and help people to start new groups and activities.

Course information

This e-learning resource has been developed for link workers and includes the core elements and skills required to do the job and deliver social prescribing as part of a PCN multi-disciplinary team.  There will be six sessions in total, which will take around three hours to complete:

Available now:

  1. Introduction to the social prescribing link worker role
  2. Developing personalised care and support plans with people
  3. Developing partnerships
  4. Introducing people to community groups and VCSE organisations
  5. Safeguarding vulnerable people
  6. Keeping records and measuring impact

More information

Social prescribing is part of a commitment to personalised care.  Personalised care means all people have choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered, based on ‘what matters to me’ and individual strengths and diverse needs.  This happens within a system that makes the most of the expertise, capacity and potential of people, families and communities in creating better health access, outcomes and experiences.  Personalised care takes a whole-system approach, integrating services around the person.  It is an all-age model, from maternity and childhood through to end of life, encompassing both mental and physical health support. It can contribute to advancing equality and reducing inequalities in access and outcomes for all.

Social prescribing is one of six key components of the  NHS Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care.   Alongside shared decision making, personalised care and support planning, supported self-management, personal heath budgets and broader choice within the NHS, social prescribing enables people to be more involved in their care.  Social prescribing should be delivered as part of a broader shift to personalise care in PCNs and local areas. For further information, please visit:


With thanks to Healthy London Partnership

Meet the team

  • Dr Marie Anne Essam

    GP and Social Prescribing Lead, Herts Valley CCG
  • Kate Green

    Integrated Plus Social Prescribing Manager, Dudley CVS
  • Jason Griffiths

    Integrated Plus Link Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Terry Gee

    Integrated Plus Link Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Sue Bloomer

    Integrated Plus Link Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Keeley Jones

    Integrated Plus Link Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Georgia Pearsall

    Integrated Plus Link Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Bev Taylor

    Senior Lead, Personalised Care (Social Prescribing), NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Gilli Simmons

    Senior Manager, Personalised Care (Social Prescribing), NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Clair Guy

    Clair Guy

    Project Manager, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Alice Denham

    Alice Denham

    Learning Designer, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • e-LfH staff - Rashmi Chavda

    Rashmi Chavda

    Graphic Designer, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare

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