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This programme is in partnership with...
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  • Kent and Medway AHP Faculty
  • Canterbury Uni

About the programme

Moving into the role of a registered allied health professional (AHP) marks an important, and often challenging, transition along both a professional and personal journey. To ensure AHPs have the best possible start to their career journey, a high-quality preceptorship programme, which is tailored to their professional and individual needs, is essential. This transition includes, but is not limited, to the student into their first registered role, those returning to practice and those internationally educated working in the UK for the first time.

The aim of Step to Work is to provide AHPs who are ‘new to role’ with guidance, support, and practical tools to help them reflect on the experiences and knowledge they have already gained to help them in their future roles. The programme will compliment but not replace the need for high-quality preceptorship.

Please see below the Step to Work animation video which provides an overview of the programme and can be used to promote the programme. There is also an implementation guide to provide advice on ideas of how to implement and deliver Step to Work.

Link to download Implementation guide

This programme consists of 8 learning sessions, together with an introductory briefing to the programme and an evaluation activity.

The sessions are:

  1. Positive appraisal of learning during challenging situations
  2. Personal wellbeing at work
  3. Everyday work
  4. Systems that shape everyday practice
  5. Ethics, accountability, and decision-making
  6. Developing and working in an inclusive environment
  7. Building positive relationships
  8. Sustaining change and learning

Meet the team

  • Michael Pearce

    Michael Pearce

    AHP Preceptorship and Early Careers Workforce Fellow, Health Education England
  • Helen Marriott

    Helen Marriott

    Midlands Regional Head of AHPs and National AHP Preceptorship and Foundation Support Programme Lead, Health Education England
  • Amanda Weaver

    Amanda Weaver

    AHP Preceptorship Workforce Lead, Health Education England
  • Ali Naylor

    Ali Naylor

    AHP Preceptorship and Early Careers Workforce Fellow, Health Education England
  • Maria Mitchell, South East AHP Workforce programme Lead

    Maria Mitchell

    South East AHP Workforce Programme Lead, Health Education England)
  • Chris Burton, Canterbury Christ Church University

    Chris Burton

    Professor of Health Services Research/Head of School, Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Mark Windsor, School Research Assistant

    Mark Windsor

    School Research Assistant Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Rob Taylor 80 x 80

    Rob Taylor

    Project Manager, HEE elearning for Healthcare
  • Scott Tyrrell

    Graphic Designer and Animator, HEE elearning for Healthcare
  • Cath Moran

    Catherine Moran

    Graphic Designer, HEE elearning for Healthcare
  • Rashmi Chavda

    Rashmi Chavda

    Graphic Designer, HEE elearning for Healthcare
  • Nicola Kipling

    Nicola Kipling

    Marketing and Communications Officer, HEE elearning for Healthcare
  • Wendy Lowe

    Wendy Lowe

    Lead Learning Designer, HEE elearning for Healthcare
  • Charlotte Devereaux

    Charlotte Devereaux

    Programme Manager, HEE elearning for Healthcare

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