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About the Summary Care Records programme

Please be advised that the e-Learning content on the Summary Care Record programme page is now out of date and has been removed from the elfh Hub on 15 June 2023.

Latest Update

New elearning content has been created to support organisations viewing SCRs via NCRS. This is available here:

This module includes certification upon completion, which may be required for any organisations who use this as part of their SCR onboarding processes.

  1. Summary Care Records (SCR) are an electronic record of important patient information, created from GP medical records. They can be seen and used by authorised staff in other areas of the health and care system involved in the patient’s direct care.
  1. Summary Care Record application (SCRa) is the original version of the application which allows health and care professionals to view clinical and demographic information.
  1. The National Care Records Service (NCRS) is a service that allows health and care professionals to access and update a range of patient and safeguarding information across regional ICS boundaries. It provides a summary of health and care information for care settings where the full patient record is not required to support their direct care. NCRS is a web-based application and can be accessed regardless of what IT system an organisation is using and is the new and improved successor to the Summary Care Record application (SCRa).

Important Note – You can switch and start using the National Care Records Service now.

Summary Care Records (SCR) are not changing, it is simply the application interface that the majority of organisations use to view Summary Care Records that is changing, from Summary Care Record Application (SCRa) to the National Care Records Service (NCRS). We require all users and organisations to switch from SCRa/1-Click to the NCRS product by 29 September 2023. You can switch and start using NCRS now.

More information

The Summary Care Records service is a free solution that gives clinical staff access to key ‘core’ information about a patient’s medications, their allergies, and any adverse reactions to medication that they have, which is held within their patient record at their GP practice. The original scope of the Summary Care Record (SCR) was to provide access to key information in Urgent and Emergency Care settings. Overtime through close consultation with the Expert Advisory Committee, NHS Digital have progressed a number of proof of concepts to see whether there are benefits, both for patients and health care professionals, for other care settings to access the SCR.

Whilst there is an active proof of concept with a particular care setting, further roll out is not approved for that care setting. Any care setting outside the above are currently out of scope for SCR. However if you feel that there is a use case for a new care setting to access the SCR, please contact the SCR comms mailbox at

For training support or questions regarding Summary Care Records (SCR), Summary Care Record application (SCRa) or National Care Records Service (NCRS), please contact

  • The following care settings are approved for national rollout to view the SCR where a legitimate relationship exists

  • The following care settings are currently either being discussed or there is an active proof of concept but are not approved for further rollout:

Meet the team

  • Robert Jordan

    Robert Jordan

    SCR Product Manager, Operations Team, NHS Digital
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