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Refresh your knowledge on Preventing Falls in Hospital

Rachel Gowland, 6 April 2022
Preventing Falls in Hospitals

The cost of treating falls in hospitals in the UK has been estimated at £630 million per year. Although most falls do not result in injury, patients can have psychological and mobility problems as a result of falling.

Developed in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians and NHS England and NHS Improvement, the Preventing Falls in Hospital elearning programme aims to reduce inpatient falls with a Fallsafe module aimed at hospital based nurses and a Carefall module aimed at foundation doctors. Learners can expect interactive modules designed to help them gain knowledge in patient and environmental falls risk factors, the patient assessment and post fall management. Both modules have been designed to complement, local falls prevention policies and processes.

You can read more about the elearning resource by visiting the programme page.

This programme can also be accessed via the Electronic Staff Register (ESR).

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