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Specialist patient safety elearning launched for maternity workforce

Vanessa Bassnett, 22 May 2024
Specialist patient safety elearning launched for maternity workforce

Maternity professionals in health and care can now access new modules of the Patient Safety Syllabus training elearning sessions on the elfh portal which have been tailored to support the specific needs of their profession. 

The training supports thinking differently about what patient safety means and making healthcare even safer with patient safety case studies covering good practice, human factors, risk, systems thinking and safety culture. There is a certificate of completion for each case study. 

Content for both Levels 1 and 2 of the syllabus training have been updated and include improvements to usability, interactivity, and navigation and a certificate of completion and five sector specific patient safety case studies in total for Mental Health, Maternity, Healthcare mangers and administrative staff care, Primary Care and Acute Care. 

All updates to the content and functionality have been made in response to feedback from users. There is also a self-assessment for the Access to Practice module which learners must pass to move on to the sector-specific sessions and a Certificate of completion for each case study area. 

Patient safety is a collective responsibility and a key priority for health and care. This training is available to anyone NHS and Health care staff and supports the NHS Patient Safety Strategy, emphasising a proactive approach to identifying risks to safe care.  

Maternity session content covers: 

  • Maternity care in the NHS  
  • How safe is maternity care  
  • Where does it go wrong for babies, mothers and families in maternity care?  
  • Systems thinking in maternity care  
  • Risk management in maternity care  
  • Human factors in maternity care  
  • Safety culture in maternity care – get a conversation started  

More information about the Patient Safety Syllabus training and how to access to the elearning modules can be found here:  


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