What you need to know about the Learning Hub - elearning for healthcare
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What you need to know about the Learning Hub

Vanessa Bassnett, 14 November 2023
What you need to know about the Learning Hub

Work is underway to migrate the content from elearning for healthcare (elfh) and Digital Learning Solutions (DLS) onto the Learning Hub (LH). This will provide a unified platform and single point of access for all learning for all health and social care staff and is set out in the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.

Different programmes have different needs, and we have been working through our new commissions and existing content to understand individual requirements and ensure they are accommodated on the LH. We appreciate your patience and support while we add new programmes and update the functionality of the LH over the next few months and will keep you updated on the progress of the developments.

Here are some Learning Hub FAQs which will provide some helpful context about this work:

What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is the national digital learning platform providing easy access to a wide range of educational resources and support for the health and care workforce and educators. Organisations can contribute and share a wide variety of self-managed content, knowledge and learning resources including elearning, articles, videos, images and more.

The platform also offers individuals access to specialist resources to support their education and professional development locally, regionally and nationally with the ability to track and evidence their learning and activity.

What is the difference between the Learning Hub and elearning for healthcare?

The Learning Hub has greater platform capability and the latest technology, offering a better experience for users, and aligning to government digital standards. It can support a wider range of content including accredited elearning and self-managed content, knowledge and learning resources which are contributed and self-managed by individuals and organisations.

The elfh platform hosts more than 500 elearning resources but it has always been the intention to migrate the content from elfh and DLS onto the Learning Hub to provide a unified platform and single point of access for all learning for health and care learners and educators.

Both platforms feature content developed in partnership with professional bodies, including Royal Colleges and associations, NHS organisations, charities and other health and care experts to ensure we are supporting the latest developments in clinical care, research and professional development. Other content on the Learning Hub has been developed, uploaded and is self managed by individuals and organisations.

What is happening to the elfh platform and existing content?

TEL is committed to working closely with our partners to provide the best possible learning experience for users. Content on the elfh Hub will gradually migrate into the Learning Hub to provide a unified platform and single point of access for all learning for NHS and social care staff. This is to support growth in platform capability as the Learning Hub delivers the latest technology, offers a better experience for users, and aligns to government digital standards.

When will my current elfh programme be migrated to LH?

There is a roadmap which sets out the planned development work for our platforms which includes new and migrated content and updating and developing the functionality of the Learning Hub.

We will discuss any changes or required actions with partners and stakeholders before any changes are made to the platforms and/or content.

In the short to medium term there will be no change for stakeholders or users accessing existing elfh content and courses, and any changes that are made will be communicated in advance.

How can I access the Learning Hub?

To join the Learning Hub, sign up using your @nhs.uk @gov.uk @ac.uk email address

If you have an existing elfh login then this can be used on the Learning Hub without the need to re-register through our single sign-on option. The same can be done with an OpenAthens account.

Work is underway to enable universal access to all the health and care sector and will be completed this autumn. We will contact all stakeholders to let them know the schedule for this work and support with any actions they may have to manage access for their users.

There are options to link elearning content via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and AICC is available for elfh-developed content hosted on the LH. In the future we aim to extend this as an option to enable for any elearning content contributed to the LH.

Existing OpenAthens users can use their account details to access the elfh Hub and the LH.





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