August 2019 Foundation update - elearning for healthcare
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August 2019 Foundation update

Alex Drinkall, 9 August 2019
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Welcome to your August 2019 update about the Foundation elearning programme that has been developed specifically for Foundation doctors by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in partnership with Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) and is approved by UKFPO.

Do you need to complete parts of the curriculum on your e-portfolio which you do not cover in day-to-day practice? If so, why not try some of our free elearning mapped directly to the Foundation Professional Capabilities (Training Outcomes) in the 2016 Foundation Curriculum.

HORUS are pleased to confirm that the deep links to elfh elearning sessions from the Foundation Programme Curriculum in Horus are now live and therefore accessible to all trainees. This function should make it quicker and easy to access the appropriate session linked to the curriculum.

Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) are an essential part of your learning in your two foundation years. Do you know how to get the best out of them? Even if you think you do, you could still get more by doing the SLE sessions now at the start of the year.

The elfh sessions in Foundation elearning programme –

Professional Capability: 13

Prescribes safely sessions; failure to prescribe safely is one of the most common causes of untoward patient incidents in medical practice. Two case studies underpin and cover in detail how to safely and effectively prescribe a wide range of medicines. Adverse drug effects (ADE) and risk management are among the topics covered.


  • Prescription Writing
  • BNF Usage and Other Prescribing Information Sources
  • Safe Use of Injectable Medicines (Part 1)
  • Safe Use of Injectable Medicines (Part 2)
  • Safe Anticoagulation
  • Safe Prescribing in Renal Impairment
  • Prudent Use of Antibiotics (Part 1)
  • Prudent Use of Antibiotics (Part 2)
  • Prudent Use of Antibiotics (Part 3)
  • Safe Prescribing of Insulin
  • Adverse Drug Effects
  • Safer Medicine Use Through Concordance
  • Safe Prescription and Risk Management
  • Safe Practice the Doctors Perspective
  • Communicating Treatment Risks to Patients
  • Pain Management
  • VTE Prevention in Secondary Care
  • 01_01 Safe Prescribing and VTE Scenario
  • 01_02 Blood Transfusion and Consent Scenario
  • 09_01_01 How to Take a History Red Eye

To access the Foundation elearning programme please use the login details supplied by elfh at the beginning of your foundation training. For more information about the Foundation elearning programme visit:

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