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Life as a Clinical Lead

Dorothy Keane, 5 December 2017

When in June 2010 I began my work as Clinical Lead for the elearning for healthcare Image Interpretation project I could not have foreseen how it would grow and develop over the subsequent years. When we set out to develop high quality materials to support the radiography workforce our remit was to cover the adult skeleton. Having published these sessions the overwhelmingly positive response spurred us to move on to the paediatric skeleton.

These 50 sessions seemed at the time an enormous piece of work, however the project now encompasses over 400 sessions covering the breadth of radiographic practice: all modalities are covered as well as generic subjects such as imaging patients with dementia, learning difficulties and personalising care within radiology. This support has now extended to a wide range of health professionals as well as radiographers.

Over time both the project and my role within it has developed. I have moved to a part-time role with the College of Radiographers; leading a team of authors and editors, designing, writing and scoping content. The project manager and myself spend significant amounts of time updating and revising sessions as well as producing new ones to ensure we reflect current practice and technological innovation. For instance, since 2015 234 older sessions have been updated to ensure they can be used on tablets and phones as well as computer screens.

Throughout the process we have kept to the same principles: high quality, relevance to the profession, responsiveness to feedback, ease of access. Providing a service to the profession as we develop into new areas are what the College values and I personally am very proud of.

I am grateful that after a career in radiography of almost 40 years I have this opportunity to share learning and support colleagues on a national basis. I’m proud of our profession and still have a passion for learning more – something that, on the evidence of the growing cohort of users and the demand for new sessions, is shared across the imaging community.

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Dorothy Keane
Image Interpretation Clinical Lead

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