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New Care Certificate scenarios ensure training is inclusive of all healthcare professions

Kieron Bradshaw, 10 May 2023
A collage of photos featuring care scenarios involving AHPs and patients.

Support workers can now access scenarios set within inpatient rehabilitation and critical care workplaces, supporting them to apply the principles behind the Care Certificate.

The 2 new scenarios may be of particular interest to Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and help to ensure that the Care Certificate elearning programme has context for all professions across the health and care system.

A short animation has also been published, explaining what the Care Certificate is, who it is for and why is it so important – watch it now to learn how the Care Certificate is used by health and care professionals across the country.

The Care Certificate is needed now as much as ever, providing a framework to ensure that all support workers have the same introductory skills, knowledge and behaviours to provide compassionate, safe and high-quality care in their workplace settings.

Each new scenario uses patient case studies and examples from the working environment to help colleagues apply the Care Certificate Standards within their work setting. The scenarios cover key aspects including preparing for a shift, handover meetings, and examples of clients and factors of their care to consider. Learners then experience supporting the clients through a particular session and updating their care plan or patient notes afterwards.

All scenarios within the Care Certificate elearning programme depict individual care settings to enhance workplace knowledge and to help assessors in the practice of assessing learners in their place of work. They are a great way of enhancing a person’s overall knowledge of the health and care system and are a valuable resource to all healthcare professions.

The interactive sessions also support colleagues to have conversations with their assessor around any observations and decisions made during the session.

Care Certificate Leads across England are encouraged to get involved in the Care Certificate through the Care Certificate Leads network. The network has facilitated the design and implementation of additional resources for the Care Certificate, including updated assessor guidance and the development of new Assessor Modules and linked Functional Skills/lifelong learning skills.

Accessing the training

The 2 new scenarios can be accessed within the Care Certificate elearning programme:

To find out more and to access the full Care Certificate elearning programme, please visit the programme page on the elearning for healthcare hub.

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