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Preventing Radicalisation (Mental Health) Level 3 e-learning module now live

Alex Drinkall, 14 June 2018
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Health Education England elearning for healthcare has worked with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and the Home Office to host a new Preventing Radicalisation (Mental Health) Level 3 elearning module for use by all health and care staff.

The elearning module offers an introduction to the Prevent duty for mental health practitioners and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves. Completion of the module will provide an important foundation on which to develop further knowledge around the risks of radicalisation and the role that health and care colleagues can play in supporting those at risk. The training addresses all forms of terrorism and non-violent extremism.

Organisations should use the Prevent training and competencies framework to guide them in the completion of a Training Needs Analysis to identify how many staff members are defined as requiring Level 3 safeguarding/Prevent training. Please then consider which additional staff members require Level 3 training, either through the face to face WRAP training, or online via the mental health or generic elearning packages. Both elearning packages meet the Level 3 training competencies for Prevent.

The programmes outlined above can be accessed as follows:

Level 3 Training:

Mental health practitioners should use the Preventing Radicalisation (Mental Health) module that has been specifically developed for this professional group. The generic Preventing Radicalisation module can be used by all members of the health and care workforce.

The programme is available on a NHS compatible platform which means completion of the programme can now be tracked if working in a health and care setting.

To access the elfh programme:

1. Preventing Radicalisation Level 3 session and eAssessment is now live on the elfh Hub within the Statutory and Mandatory Programme:
2. The new Preventing Radicalisation (Mental Health) Level 3 is also live:

You will need to login/register to access these modules. For more information about the programme visit

The elearning programme is also available on ESR.

Trusts may download a copy of the latest files to embed the elearning into their local learning management system, using this link.

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