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About the Statutory and Mandatory Training programme

The UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) sets out 11 statutory and mandatory training topics for all staff working in health and social care settings. The CSTF includes nationally agreed learning outcomes and training delivery standards.

NHSE TEL elearning for healthcare has worked with a range of subject matter experts to develop high quality, national elearning training sessions, which address all the knowledge outcomes at level 1 and at level 2, where appropriate for elearning.

The sessions are freely available to all health and social care staff.

It is the responsibility of individual health and social care employer organisations to ensure that their workforce complete the appropriate training to comply with their statutory and mandatory requirements. It is also an employer’s responsibility to determine the best mode of delivering the training, whether that is face-to-face, elearning or a blended approach. The CSTF provides further guidance on this.

The eAssessments within the session consist of 2, randomly selected, multiple choice questions per learning outcome. The eAssessments have an 80% pass rate and allow learners 3 attempts. If they fail, they are encouraged to review the knowledge chapters. As learners work through the eAssessments, they get feedback on both correct and incorrect answers.

For each session, it takes approximately 20 minutes to complete the knowledge chapters and approximately 10 minutes to complete the eAssessment. Please refer to the ‘Session Overview’ chapter for the estimated duration for each session.

All sessions can be accessed via mobiles and tablet devices.

CSTF and Statutory and Mandatory Training review

The Statutory and Mandatory Training elearning programme has been developed to align with the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) (England v1.1). The CSTF includes nationally agreed learning outcomes and training delivery standards for the NHS workforce.

A programme of work is underway to review sustainability of a robust training framework to reflect the future service needs of the NHS. Additionally, NHS England and NHS Improvement has committed in its Long-Term Plan to enable “staff to more easily move from one NHS Employer to another”.

This aim was reinforced in the NHS People Plan for 2020/2021 and with the release of the NHS England and NHS Improvement Enabling Staff Movement Toolkit.

The roadmap and timelines are in development to complete this programme of work.

Enhanced CPD Forms

The Statutory and Mandatory programme supports the continual professional development (CPD) for dental care professionals and experienced dentists.

Enhanced CPD Forms

elearning sessions

Level 1

  • Conflict Resolution – Level 1
  • Data Security Awareness – Level 1
  • Equality and Diversity and Human Rights – Level 1
  • Fire Safety – Level 1
  • Health, Safety and Welfare – Level 1
  • Infection Prevention and Control – Level 1
  • Moving and Handling – Level 1
  • Preventing Radicalisation – Basic Prevent Awareness
  • Resuscitation – Level 1
  • Safeguarding Children – Level 1
  • Safeguarding Adults – Level 1

Level 2 and 3

  • Data Security Awareness – Level 2
  • Data Security Awareness – Level 3
  • Infection Prevention and Control – Level 2
  • Moving and Handling eAssessment – Level 2
  • Preventing Radicalisation–Awareness of Prevent–Level 3
  • Resuscitation Adults – Level 2
  • Resuscitation Paediatric – Level 2
  • Resuscitation Newborn – Level 2
  • Safeguarding Children – Level 2
  • Safeguarding Adults – Level 2
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The Statutory and Mandatory Training (SMT) programme is also available to NHS healthcare staff via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). Accessing this elearning via ESR means that your completions will transfer with you throughout your NHS career.

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