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This programme is in partnership with...
  • The Carbon Literacy Project
  • Greener NHS

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About the Carbon Literacy for healthcare programme

Why enrol?

Do you want to be part of the transformative journey the NHS is undertaking?

Enrol now and gain a deep understanding of the critical link between climate change and healthcare. Discover how climate change is putting the health of our patients at risk and explore the remarkable strides the NHS has made in leading the charge against greenhouse gas emissions. Learn how you can contribute and play your part in shaping a low carbon NHS that delivers exceptional care while safeguarding the health of future generations.

If you’ve already completed Building a Net Zero NHS and want to further expand your knowledge and involvement, the next ideal step awaits you: earn your Carbon Literacy accreditation. Enrol today and make a real impact!

You can find out how many other certified individuals you are joining here.

Overview of the pathway

The Carbon Literacy for healthcare elearning is the first of two steps required to achieve Carbon Literacy Accreditation.

Step one: elearning (five 30-minute modules)

Step two: in-person or online workshop (half-day, with some optional homework tasks)

Step one: elearning

The Carbon Literacy for healthcare elearning contains five modules which broadly cover:

  • Climate change science, impacts and policy on a global, national and organisational scale.
  • The impacts of climate change on health, the contribution of healthcare to overall emissions and the NHS’ plan to reach net zero.
  • Climate equity and our most vulnerable communities.
  • Strategies for taking action on climate change.

Each module concludes with an assessment to test your knowledge.  You can always pick up where you left off as your progress will automatically be saved on your account.

Step two: workshop

Upon completion of your elearning, you should book onto a follow-on workshop to complete your training and apply for your accreditation. Having focused globally and nationally in the elearning, the workshop will concentrate on practical emission-saving actions in your workplace setting and should be personalised to your organisation and/or workforce group.

You can find opportunities to join open workshop training on the Carbon Literacy Project events page.

Please note you only become ‘Carbon Literate’ when you have received your certificate of accreditation following completion of your workshop and evidence submission.

Why choose an accreditation from The Carbon Literacy Project?

The Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) is a non-profit organisation which supports the development and roll out of effective climate education that bridges the gap between policy and action. CLP’s education effectively targets behaviour change and cultural shift, with a proven track record in supporting sectoral decarbonisation.

More information

Climate change is a health emergency. If the NHS is to deliver on the ambition of the long-term-plan, improving health now and for future generations, it must tackle climate change at source. The NHS is the 5th biggest employer in the world and the largest public sector generator of carbon in the UK. The health and care system in England is responsible for around 4-5% of the UK’s national carbon footprint.

As trusted messengers in society our role as healthcare employees gives us a responsibility (as described by the General Medical Council) to ‘protect and promote the health of patients and the public’. By educating yourself, you can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to effectively communicate with colleagues and patients, as well as take proactive steps to drive positive change. 

‘Climate change is a health emergency, as well as an environmental emergency’

Amanda Pritchard, NHS England Chief Executive

October 2022, during COP26




‘The climate crisis is a health emergency, it’s that simple. More than 13 million deaths around the world each year are due to avoidable environmental causes’

Nick Watts, NHS Chief Sustainability Officer

April 2022




This pathway aims to achieve a carbon saving of 5-15% in every NHS member of staff who gains accreditation.

Carbon Literacy supports the NHS’s goals to engage staff in the net zero agenda using staff awareness campaigns and education to involve all staff members in the road to net zero.

Primary and secondary audiences

This elearning and follow-on workshop is aimed at all individuals across the NHS, however there are specific groups which will find it particularly beneficial:

  1. Aspiring and existing climate/green champions
  2. Those who are new to their role in sustainability or net zero
  3. Those working in areas associated with high emissions, for example in procurement, surgery, travel or estates and facilities

Having five modules available as elearning should make access easier for individuals who find it difficult to book a full day out of their schedule for training.

In addition to this Carbon Literacy elearning pathway, the CLP offers a range of other options for gaining accreditation.

  1. Full-day live course; individuals who have scheduled training days are recommended to book onto a full-day live course to get the most out of their Carbon Literacy accreditation.
  2. Full-day leadership workshop; for those in leadership positions we suggest enrolling for the bespoke leadership training to ensure the best suitability for their role.

See the externally hosted, open for all workshop sessions on the events page of the CLP’s website. If you are interested in holding an organisation-specific closed session you should contact trainers directly to organise this.

Note, once you are certified as Carbon Literate you can deliver bespoke sessions to staff within your organisation to engage others and cascade this training further, if you are interested in delivering training yourself you should contact the healthcare team at


The Carbon Literacy Project
Greener NHS
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NHS England
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Manchester Foundation Trust

Meet the team

  • Louise Harling,

    Louise Harling

    Healthcare and Blue light coordinator, The Carbon Literacy Project
  • Natalia Phipps, Head of Advocacy, The Carbon Literacy Project

    Natalia Phipps

    Head of Advocacy, The Carbon Literacy Project
  • Peter May,

    Peter May

    Net Zero Policy and Delivery Manager, Greener NHS Programme, NHS England
  • Manraj Phull,

    Manraj Phull

    Senior Net Zero Policy and Delivery Manager, Greener NHS Programme, NHS England
  • Natalia Kurek,

    Natalia Kurek

    Deputy Director, The Greener NHS Programme, NHS England

Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England team members

  • andi blackmore

    Andi Blackmore

    Programme Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
  • David Williams

    David Williams

    Senior Project Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
  • Stephen Gibbons

    Stephen Gibbons

    Lead Learning Designer, Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
  • elfh staff - Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly

    Learning Designer, Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
  • Abi Lingford

    Graphic Designer, Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
  • Kieron_Bradshaw_80x80

    Kieron Bradshaw

    Marketing and Communications Officer, Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England

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