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About the programme

This elearning programme has been designed to enhance trainees’ skills and knowledge in remote consulting. It was designed with the needs of shielding, displaced or non-patient facing trainees of all grades in mind, however it will be valuable for any trainees or healthcare professionals who are consulting remotely.

About the elearning

The resource is based around a remote consultation, and aims to support trainees to:

  • develop skills in remote consultation
  • recognise their own value as remote clinicians
  • identify their learning needs around remote consulting
  • expand their knowledge about available resources to support remote consulting
  • consider differential diagnoses based on remote history and assessment
  • recognise the need for clinical escalation when working remotely
  • understand the importance of seeking support from a senior/supervisor
  • recognise social/safeguarding issues and escalate appropriately

The elearning programme includes the following sections:

  • remote consultation
  • 360* video
  • reflection
  • evaluation

The elearning programme takes between 30 to 60 minutes to complete and includes an interactive elearning session based around a simulated telephone consultation. This is followed by an opportunity to review the consultation through an immersive 360* video, enabling the trainee to reflect on learning points and issues raised during the scenario.

After the 360* video, there is a structured reflective section which encourages trainees to think about the clinical and social aspects of the consultation. Trainees are encouraged to identify a supervising clinician, usually their educational supervisor, to discuss their elearning experience after completing the programme. A debrief guide for supervisors is available to download after completion of the programme. A certificate is also available to download on completion of the programme.

  • Remote Consultation: An Immerse Technology Resource

More information about the elearning

This elearning programme includes a 360* video resource. This can be viewed using just a computer, smartphone or tablet, or for the most immersive experience, virtual reality (VR) converter headsets (both high and low-tech options) are available. It is suggested that you speak to your employer regarding this.  If you are a trainee doctor in England, particularly if you are shielding or displaced, your HEE local office may also be able to provide further information.

More information on the Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) programme

The Supported Return to Training programme offers support and resources to help facilitate a smooth and safe return to work for all trainee doctors who have taken 3 months or more out of training. Trainees are encouraged to inform their educational supervisor as early as possible before taking time out, to plan their time away, if possible.

Before returning, trainees can choose to access a range of resources, including supernumerary time, enhanced supervision, face to face or virtual courses, webinars, podcasts, elearning and simulation. These activities have been designed to help enhance trainees’ skills, knowledge and confidence.

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    Antonia Calogeras

    Clinical Lead, Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT), HEE elearning for healthcare
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    Content Author, HEE elearning for healthcare
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    Kirsty Brownlie

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    Alice Denham

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    Communications and Stakeholder Officer, HEE elearning for healthcare, Technology Enhanced Learning

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