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Safeguarding Adults

To live a life free from abuse and harm is a basic human right. We are all responsible for the protection of people at risk from abuse. Vulnerable adults rely on us to take the right steps to help keep them safe. If we don't, who will? To ignore abuse and neglect is to allow it to continue and that is never acceptable.


  • Safeguarding is everyone's business

  • Safeguarding is your business

  • It starts with you

This online learning resource is an introduction to the requirements and responsibilities for Safeguarding Adults. The two modules address the learning outcomes defined in the UK Core Skills Training Framework (version 1.2, September 2014).

Level 1 is intended for all staff working within health and care organisations, including paid and voluntary staff.

Level 2 is intended for staff with professional and organisational responsibility for safeguarding adults, able to act on concerns and to work within an inter- or multi-agency context.

The programme was originally commissioned by NHS South Central, and subsequently updated by Health Education Thames Valley and Health Education Wessex on behalf of Health Education England, with input from adult safeguarding experts working in a range of roles in NHS organisations and local authorities across the south of England and the Midlands.


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