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AICC functionality: Chrome browser – close window behaviour

Alex Drinkall, 16 January 2020
AICC functionality: Chrome browser – close window behaviour

Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) has become aware of an imminent change contained in the next version of the Chrome browser, version 80. The change is to alter what happens on the close of a browser window and may affect the recording of learner activity when some elfh sessions are accessed via AICC.

For more technical detail of this specific change, please view Google’s information:

During our testing we have found that this affects what happens when an elearning session is closed remotely by an external Learning Management System (LMS) using our AICC functionality. An error is produced which may, or may not, result in the learner’s activity being recorded. (This is dependent on how the external LMS launches the session).

We are actively working on preventative measures within our session templates to use a different communication method on the close of the window. However, this would rely on a rebuild of each session being used via AICC and as we have a very large catalogue of content available; this is a substantial task. We will address the most popular sessions and update these first, but it will take several weeks to update all the sessions.

The new version of Chrome is due to be available from 4 February 2020.  There is still some debate, on the online community, as to whether Google will implement this change due to the expected impact on websites. Following the update, if the error is encountered, a different browser can be used.

Please be assured that preventative steps will be made to how the elfh Hub handles the closing of sessions ahead of the February release date of the new Chrome browser.

Further updates will be posted on this page as to whether Google make this change and our plans, if required, to update the sessions.

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