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About the All Our Health Programme

The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities’ All Our Health framework is a call to action to all health and care professionals to embed prevention within their day-to-day work. Through educational materials, tools and resources, All Our Health helps professionals make an even greater impact in preventing illness, protecting health, promoting wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.

This short introductory video explains how All Our Health:

  • takes a life course approach and supports change at individual, community and population level
  • presents key evidence and data on important public health topics to stimulate action
  • signposts to other trusted sources of information
  • builds leadership and capacity across the workforce

All Our Health elearning sessions

The All Our Health elearning sessions have been developed to provide a bite-sized introduction to the wide range of topics covered within the All Our Health framework. Within these sessions, you’ll find signposting to trusted sources of helpful evidence, guidance and support. You can dip in and out of the content as and when you need it.

Currently, there are 33 All Our Health elearning sessions available covering a wide variety of public health topics.

There are a wide range of other All Our Health topics which will be created into elearning sessions and released as they are developed.  To view the full range of All Our Health topics, visit

All Our Health supports system wide priorities on prevention, including those within the NHS Long Term Plan, by providing support and practical guidance for all health and care professionals on how to embed prevention within their work, helping to reduce health inequalities, premature morbidity and mortality.

  • session1-All-Our-Health-Adult-Obesity-1
    Adult Obesity
  • all-our-health-air-pollution
    Air Pollution
  • session-11-All-Our-Health-Alcohol
  • session5-All-Our-Health-Antimicrobial-Resistance-1
    Antimicrobial Resistance
  • session2-All-Our-Health-Best-Start-in-Life-1
    Best Start in Life
  • session6-All-Our-Health-Cardiovascular-Disease-Prevention
    Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
  • all our health
    Childhood Obesity
  • All our health
    Child Oral Health
  • all our health
    Climate Change
  • all our health
    County Lines Exploitation
  • All our health
  • All our health
    Early Adolescence
  • All our health
    Falls and Fractures
  • Financial wellbeing
    Financial Wellbeing

  • Health Disparities and Health Inequalities
  • All our health
    Healthy Ageing

  • Healthy Eating
  • All our health
  • All our health
  • All our health
    Inclusion Health
  • All our health
    Learning Disability
  • all our health
    Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • all our health
    Misuse of Illicit Drugs and Medicines
  • All our health
    Musculoskeletal Health
  • All our health
    NHS Health Check
  • All our health
    Physical Activity
  • All our health
    Population Screening
  • All our health
    Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV
  • All our health
    Smoking and Tobacco
  • All our health
    Social Prescribing
  • All our health
    Speech, Language and Communication
  • All our health
    Vulnerabilities and Trauma-informed Practice
  • All our health
    Workplace Health

Interactive Townscapes

These interactive townscapes enable professionals to easily identify and access information, data and guidance, by clicking on different locations in the scene.

Supporting tools and resources

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Meet the team

  • Jamie-Waterall-learning-profile

    Professor Jamie Waterall

    Deputy Chief Nurse, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities
  • Donah Hendrickson

    All Our Health Programme Manager, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities
  • Sarah Gray

    Sarah Gray

    Programme Manager - Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
  • David Williams

    David Williams

    Senior Project Manager - Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
  • Runam Prasad

    Runam Prasad

    Learning Designe - Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
  • Louise Garrahan

    Louise Garrahan

    Senior Marketing and Communications Officer - Technology Enhanced Learning, NHS England
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