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About the General Practice Assistant Role

General Practice Assistants (GPAs) form part of a multi-disciplinary team within primary care, and provide a support role, carrying out administrative tasks, combined in some areas with basic clinical duties, helping to free up GPs time and contribute to the smooth running of appointments, improving patients experience in the surgery.

Following a successful pilot of the GPA role in the North West, Health Education England established a national programme in 2019 to support the spread and adoption of the role across the country, providing provide a consistent approach to developing the role, underpinned by a defined job description and competency framework to support work-based learning.

By 2023, over 500 GPAs had successfully completed the accredited learning programme and the GPA role was included in the NHSE Additional Roles Reimbursement scheme.

Evidence and feedback from GP practices has suggested that effective adoption of this role can support in:

  • Improving patient access and releasing highly qualified staff to concentrate on treating and managing patients with more complex conditions
  • Improving patient flow within surgery hours, increasing the time efficiency of appointments, and reduction of waiting times; supporting patient experience by ‘translating’ or reiterating information from the GP
  • Having a positive impact on retention and job satisfaction
  • Reducing time spent by GPs in managing correspondence

Further, more detailed information and resources can be found below.

General Practice Assistant Resources

  • Overview

  • Case studies

  • Job description

  • Evaluation

  • Competency Framework

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Training Programme

  • Information for patients

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