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About the Personal Health Budgets programme

A personal health budget uses NHS funding to create an individually agreed personalised care and support plan. This offers people of all ages greater choice and flexibility over how their assessed health and wellbeing needs are met. 

The personalised care and support planning conversation identifies the care, support and services upon which the PHB will be spent. This can include a range of things to give people access to care, support and services that are holistic, innovative and build on their strengths. 

The following groups have a legal right to have a PHB:  

  • adults in receipt of NHS Continuing Healthcare 
  • children and young people eligible for continuing care 
  • people eligible for aftercare services under section 117 of the Mental Health Act 
  • people eligible for an NHS wheelchair. 

The rollout of PHBs is not confined to these ‘right to have’ groups. Ensuring more people can benefit from personalised care is one of the key practical changes set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. This sets the ambition to increase the uptake of PHBs to 200,000 people by 2023/24. 

This elearning session helps users develop their understanding of personal health budgets including the key features that underpin all aspects of the PHB process and the six steps involved in implementing and maintaining a PHB. 

You can find more information about PHBs here: NHS England » Personal health budgets (PHBs) 

Primary and secondary audiences

This learning is intended for healthcare practitioners who are delivering PHBs on behalf of ICBs. It provides entry level training, giving the very basics about PHBs.  

Meet the project team

  • Tina Sweeney

    Tina Sweeney

    Senior Manager, Personalised care, NHS England
  • Rebekka Campbell

    Rebekka Campbell

    Programme Manager, NHSE elearning for healthcare
  • Marnie Greenrod

    Marnie Greenrod

    Senior Project Manager, NHSE elearning for healthcare
  • Stephen Gibbons

    Stephen Gibbons

    Lead Learning Designer, NHSE elearning for healthcare
  • Rashmi Chavda

    Rashmi Chavda

    Graphic Designer, NHSE elearning for healthcare
  • Kieron Bradshaw

    Kieron Bradshaw

    Marketing and Communications Officer, NHSE TEL

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