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Updated statutory and mandatory e-learning sessions – now live!

Andy Dowden, 18 October 2017
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Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) has worked with a range of subject matter experts to develop elearning training sessions, which address the learning outcomes at Level 1 and Level 2 of the UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF).  This work is now complete and the elearning sessions are available for free to all health and social care staff.

The UK CSTF sets out 10 statutory and mandatory training topics for all staff working in health and social care settings. The CSTF includes nationally agreed learning outcomes and training delivery standards.

The statutory and mandatory training has been redesigned as short and interactive elearning sessions which include scenarios, case studies and knowledge checks. Each session takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed on laptops, tablets and mobiles.

The following elearning sessions and accompanying eAssessments are now available:

  • Fire Safety and Fire Safety eAssessment – Level 1
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights and Equality and Diversity and Human Rights eAssessment – Level 1
  • Health, Safety and Welfare and Health, Safety and Welfare eAssessment – Level 1
  • Infection Prevention and Control and Infection Prevention and Control eAssessment – Levels 1 and 2
  • Conflict Resolution and Conflict Resolution eAssessment – Level 1
  • Moving and Handling – Level 1 and Moving and Handling eAssessment – Levels 1 and 2
  • Data Security Awareness and Data Security Awareness eAssessment – Level 1 (previously listed as Information Governance)
  • Preventing Radicalisation and Preventing Radicalisation eAssessment – Levels 1 and 2
  • Resuscitation and Resuscitation eAssessment – Level 1
  • Resuscitation Adult and Resuscitation Adult eAssessment – Level 2
  • Resuscitation Paediatric and Resuscitation Paediatric eAssessment – Level 2
  • Resuscitation Newborn and Resuscitation Newborn eAssessment – Level 2
  • Safeguarding Adults and Safeguarding Adults eAssessment – Levels 1 and 2
  • Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Children eAssessment – Levels 1 and 2.

The Data Security Awareness and Data Security Awareness eAssessment – Level 1 are aligned to the new data security standards that came out of the National Data Guardian’s 2016 review.  They therefore meet the requirement for Level 1 staff training in data security.  These resources have been developed as part of a collaborative project with NHS Digital.

The new Safeguarding Children Level 2 course has been updated so its style and format is consistent with the other statutory and mandatory elearning courses.  This has resulted in a reduction in the number of sessions and the primary and secondary care sessions (previously listed as Level 2a and 2b) have been combined into one session and accompanying eAssessment.

For learners who are confident in any of the subject areas, there is the option to proceed straight to the eAssessment without completing the elearning session. The training record will be updated with the eAssessment score. However, if a certificate is required as evidence of completion, both the eAssessment and knowledge session need to be completed.

It is the responsibility of individual health and social care employer organisations to ensure their workforce complete the appropriate training to comply with their statutory and mandatory requirements. It is also an employer’s responsibility to determine the best mode of delivering the training, whether that is face-to-face, elearning or a blended approach.

How to access

To access the free elearning sessions please follow this link: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/statutory-and-mandatory-training/

The new versions of the Statutory and Mandatory sessions now support the AICC communication standard. This allows for remote Learning Management Systems (LMS) to launch the sessions from our content server as if they were loaded locally. Enrolment and tracking of usage is retained at the organisation’s LMS.  If your local LMS supports AICC, please contact our support desk, by emailing support@e-lfh.org.uk, and we will provide you with the relevant links and instructions to set up courses.


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