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About the Maternity and Neonatal Resource Hub

This resource has been created to provide a one stop shop for all matters relating to your health and wellbeing. The crucial role you play in supporting women, birthing people, families and neonates is vital and hugely valued. We recognise your commitment and hard work, but investing in your own health and wellbeing is essential, as this not only benefits you but also improves the quality of care provided to those you support. A well supported and healthy workforce is more resilient, motivated, and capable of delivering the best possible care.

The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan recognises that in order to retain our workforce we need to support their health and wellbeing, working with local leaders to ensure integrated occupational health and wellbeing services are in place for all staff. 

We will continue to update this website with new learning programmes and resources as they become available and would welcome your feedback on how we can improve this as we develop it in the future. Please follow the link to the evaluation at the bottom of the page. 

Introduction to the maternity and neonatal resource hub by Lisa Jesson, Deputy Lead Midwife and Lisa Viola, Neonatal Clinical Advisor, NHS England, Workforce training and education



This resource provides a one stop shop for all matters relating to your health and wellbeing. The critical role you play in bringing new life into the world and supporting women and families is vital, but it’s important that you also prioritise your own self-care.

Adequate rest, healthy nutrition, regular exercise, and engaging in activities you enjoy are essential to maintaining balance and resilience.

Feedback survey

We hope you have found this page and all the resources useful. This page will continue to grow, and we will add more resources in the future. We would love to hear your feedback and comments about the content and any suggestions you have. Please fill in our survey so we can make this resource work better for all. Thank you!

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