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Training for sexual health and HIV gets the online treatment

Posted on: April 22nd, 2010 by Frankie No Comments

A free and comprehensive online resource supporting specialist training in sexual health and HIV was officially launched in April 2010.

eHIV-STI, e-Learning for Sexual Health and HIV, has been developed by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) in partnership with the Royal Colleges of Physicians and DH e-Learning for Healthcare.

It has been designed to reflect the UK sexual health and HIV specialist medical training curriculum and is suitable for all those involved in treating and supporting people with sexually transmitted infections.

eHIV-STI offers engaging and interactive e-learning sessions which provide an extensive knowledge base for all STIs and HIV. It also covers related specialties such as dermatology, infectious diseases and gynaecology and is relevant for primary care professionals. Written and reviewed by subject matter experts the material is delivered at three levels: introductory, advanced and specialist.

Dr Jackie Sherrard, Clinical Project Lead said, ‘With increasing numbers of healthcare professionals involved in the management of STIs, it is important that we continue to provide quality innovative education and training resources. eHIV-STI is one such resource that we are proud to offer. It is an essential knowledge framework written by senior clinicians and provides flexible learning to fit in with busy working schedules. Furthermore, the e-learning can be supplemented in day-to-day practice to reinforce the skills and attitudes necessary for delivering a first class patient service.’

eHIV-STI was launched at the Second Joint Conference of BASHH with the British HIV Association on 22 April 2010.

For more information on the e-learning visit https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/sexual-health-and-hiv or emailĀ HIV-STI.support@e-lfh.org.uk.

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