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Healthy Child Programme

Posted on: September 29th, 2016 by admin No Comments

We are delighted to announce that the oral health promotion session of the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) on Health Education England’s e-learning for Healthcare platform has been updated with new content and video. The resource is aimed at the early years workforce including health visitors, nurses and the child health team working with pregnancy and the first five years of life. The interactive oral health session aims to enhance the knowledge and skills regarding oral health and the factors that predispose to poor oral health. Promoting oral health in the infant and young child forms an integral part of this session.

The session, entitled ‘Dental Health Promotion’, was originally developed by RCPCH and Health Education England’s e-learning for Healthcare programme as part of the Healthy Child Programme (HCP). The update to the session was commissioned by Public Health England and a working group which included oral health, public health and health professionals was set up to review the current content and update it to reflect the most recent evidence base Delivering better oral health (PHE, 2014) and provide a public health and preventive focus. A video to support the tooth brushing is also available within the e-learning resource which focuses on a health visitor giving key oral health messages and how to establish and maintain tooth brushing to the parents of babies and young children. Access the updated session here:

Business Continuity

Posted on: September 19th, 2016 by admin No Comments

A new e-learning resource has been developed to provide learners with an introduction to Business Continuity.

Business Continuity is often described as ‘just common sense’. It is about taking responsibility for the organisational business and enabling it to remain on course whatever the situation.

Business Continuity is about building and improving organisational resilience, it’s about identifying our key services and the most urgent activities that underpin them.

This short e-learning course covers what Business Continuity is, what action you should take in the event of an incident, case studies and more.

To access the e-learning programme visit:

Widening the access of HEE e-LfH resources

Posted on: September 8th, 2016 by admin No Comments

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has added the e-LfH Hub and its thousands of e-learning sessions to the list of OpenAthens resources to make it easier for certain groups of the health and social care workforce to access e-LfH’s e-learning.

HEE e-LfH works in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies to support patient care by providing e-learning to educate and train the health and social care workforce.

HEE e-LfH’s programmes cover subjects from audiology to anaesthesia, dentistry to dermatology, electronic fetal monitoring to end of life care, primary care to prescribing, safeguarding children to statutory and mandatory training. All content is nationally quality-assured and available 24/7. The online training sessions enhance traditional learning, support existing teaching methods and provide a valuable reference point.

OpenAthens is a service that allows people to access a series of online resources free of charge with just a single OpenAthens account.

The OpenAthens eligibility criteria, which are managed by NICE, cover anyone working directly with NHS patients and anyone working directly on the development and/or delivery of training materials for either NHS staff or NHS patients within an organisation that provides NHS-commissioned care or commissions care for NHS patients in England. This includes charities, voluntary organisations, local authorities, arm’s length bodies and healthcare students.

For more detailed information on the eligibility criteria please visit:

To register for an OpenAthens account please visit: or for more information about accessing e-LfH resources via OpenAthens visit:

Image Interpretation launches multiple choice quizzes

Posted on: September 1st, 2016 by admin No Comments

The e-Learning for Health Image Interpretation programme is currently developing Multiple Choice quizzes (MCQs) for specific modules.

Click the following link to access our full publication: Image Interpretation.

To access the e-learning programme visit:

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