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New elearning on Safeguarding adult victims of modern slavery, human trafficking & exploitation

Posted on: November 27th, 2023 by Vanessa Bassnett No Comments

NHS safeguarding leads can access new e-learning created to support safe, accurate and strategic leadership and decision-making for suspected cases of modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation.

Modern Slavery – Human Trafficking (MSHT) has profound implications for the physical, mental, and sexual health of victims both during and after exploitation. Evidence shows that when victims present in healthcare services, healthcare professionals aren’t always equipped to know how best to support them.

Safeguarding leads are required to provide calm, clear and strategic leadership for complex cases and this training will enable them to offer the appropriate support to frontline healthcare professionals.

Module includes:

  • Role and guidance for adult safeguarding leads
  • The Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline
  • Following a case
  • Support, summary and resources

Available on NHS Learning Hub

Access it here: www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/safeguarding-adult-victims-of-modern-slavery-human-trafficking-and-exploitation/

What you need to know about the Learning Hub

Posted on: November 14th, 2023 by Vanessa Bassnett No Comments

Work is underway to migrate the content from elearning for healthcare (elfh) and Digital Learning Solutions (DLS) onto the Learning Hub (LH). This will provide a unified platform and single point of access for all learning for all health and social care staff and is set out in the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.

Different programmes have different needs, and we have been working through our new commissions and existing content to understand individual requirements and ensure they are accommodated on the LH. We appreciate your patience and support while we add new programmes and update the functionality of the LH over the next few months and will keep you updated on the progress of the developments.

Here are some Learning Hub FAQs which will provide some helpful context about this work:

What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is the national digital learning platform providing easy access to a wide range of educational resources and support for the health and care workforce and educators. Organisations can contribute and share a wide variety of self-managed content, knowledge and learning resources including elearning, articles, videos, images and more.

The platform also offers individuals access to specialist resources to support their education and professional development locally, regionally and nationally with the ability to track and evidence their learning and activity.

What is the difference between the Learning Hub and elearning for healthcare?

The Learning Hub has greater platform capability and the latest technology, offering a better experience for users, and aligning to government digital standards. It can support a wider range of content including accredited elearning and self-managed content, knowledge and learning resources which are contributed and self-managed by individuals and organisations.

The elfh platform hosts more than 500 elearning resources but it has always been the intention to migrate the content from elfh and DLS onto the Learning Hub to provide a unified platform and single point of access for all learning for health and care learners and educators.

Both platforms feature content developed in partnership with professional bodies, including Royal Colleges and associations, NHS organisations, charities and other health and care experts to ensure we are supporting the latest developments in clinical care, research and professional development. Other content on the Learning Hub has been developed, uploaded and is self managed by individuals and organisations.

What is happening to the elfh platform and existing content?

TEL is committed to working closely with our partners to provide the best possible learning experience for users. Content on the elfh Hub will gradually migrate into the Learning Hub to provide a unified platform and single point of access for all learning for NHS and social care staff. This is to support growth in platform capability as the Learning Hub delivers the latest technology, offers a better experience for users, and aligns to government digital standards.

When will my current elfh programme be migrated to LH?

There is a roadmap which sets out the planned development work for our platforms which includes new and migrated content and updating and developing the functionality of the Learning Hub.

We will discuss any changes or required actions with partners and stakeholders before any changes are made to the platforms and/or content.

In the short to medium term there will be no change for stakeholders or users accessing existing elfh content and courses, and any changes that are made will be communicated in advance.

How can I access the Learning Hub?

To join the Learning Hub, sign up using your @nhs.uk @gov.uk @ac.uk email address

If you have an existing elfh login then this can be used on the Learning Hub without the need to re-register through our single sign-on option. The same can be done with an OpenAthens account.

Work is underway to enable universal access to all the health and care sector and will be completed this autumn. We will contact all stakeholders to let them know the schedule for this work and support with any actions they may have to manage access for their users.

There are options to link elearning content via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and AICC is available for elfh-developed content hosted on the LH. In the future we aim to extend this as an option to enable for any elearning content contributed to the LH.

Existing OpenAthens users can use their account details to access the elfh Hub and the LH.





Multi-professional preceptor training launches

Posted on: June 12th, 2023 by Kieron Bradshaw No Comments

The first sessions of a pioneering e-Compendium are now available to support preceptors across nursing, midwifery and the allied health professions (AHP).

The much-anticipated Multi-Professional Preceptor e-Compendium aims to recognise the needs of preceptors, and provides them with the guidance, support and practical tools needed to carry out their vital role. It marks the launch of a modern and cohesive set of resources that are aligned to the Preceptorship Principles and Frameworks across each of the professional groups.

The 2 sessions now available provide an overview of the preceptor role across each of the professional groups, along with dedicated training on leading and coaching preceptees. These sessions are currently free to access for health and care employees using their work email address to register. People without NHS or GOV email addresses will be able to access the e-Compendium in the future as the training develops, and we will share more information about this when available.

Moving into the role of a registered health and care professional is recognised to be a challenging time for staff. The e-Compendium forms part of the wider strategy to welcome and integrate newly registered professionals into the workplace, allowing them to successfully navigate the transitional period, and supporting their growth and confidence.

The training aims to help preceptors to reflect on their own experiences of this transitional period, and to optimise their knowledge and skills to best position themselves to support others. It also supports the preceptor to develop valuable skills that will help them in other supporting roles they may find themselves taking on during their current or future roles.

Developing the training has been a fantastic team effort across the nursing, midwifery and AHP workforce, and it is aligned and complementary to the Preceptorship Principles and Frameworks across these professional groups. Teams involved in creating the training include: NHS England WT&E’s National Nursing and Midwifery Team, National AHP Preceptorship and Foundation Support Programme, and National RePAIR Team, in partnership with the University of Huddersfield.

Accessing the training

To find out more and access the training, please visit the

Multi-professional Preceptor e-Compendium programme page.

Coming soon:

More sessions will be added to the e-Compendium in the near future, including: identifying and agreeing the Preceptee’s learning and support needs; the health and well-being of the preceptor and preceptee; reflecting on your experience as a Preceptor. More details on these will be shared as they become available.

Please also see:

National preceptorship framework for nursing

National preceptorship framework for midwifery

Students can access new resources to support their first nursing role

Posted on: May 9th, 2023 by Vanessa Bassnett No Comments

Nursing students preparing for their first professional role can access updated resources to support them adjust to working life in the ‘Preparing for your Future as a Nurse’ programme which is on the NHS Learning Hub.

There are updates to the ‘What to expect from preceptorship’ section to support the new national preceptorship framework for nursing. More resources have been added to the self-care and wellbeing and clinical supervision sections, and the programme is easier than ever to digest with videos, infographics and links to useful external resources.

The content is available for all nursing students, you just need a Learning Hub account which is free to all NHS staff and students and can be accessed at any time which means students can work their way through it around their university or placement workloads and schedules.

The ‘Preparing for your Future as a Nurse’ programme was developed by the NHS England Workforce, Training and Education directorate. It includes information to help transition from being a student nurse into a first post as a registered nurse with advice for searching and applying for a first job, what to expect at the start, how to make the most of the early stages of a nursing career, and much more.

Visit the Preparing for Your Future as a Nurse programme to find out more.


Updates to Level 1 Patient Safety Syllabus Training

Posted on: April 27th, 2023 by Vanessa Bassnett No Comments


All NHS and healthcare staff can now access updates to the Patient Safety Syllabus training elearning sessions on the elfh portal which supports thinking differently about what patient safety means and making healthcare even safer.

The update to the content on Level 1 of the training includes improved usability, interactivity, and navigation and a certificate of completion.

Patient safety is a collective responsibility and a key priority for health and care. This training is available to anyone working in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales and supports the NHS Patient Safety Strategy, emphasising a proactive approach to identifying risks to safe care including:

  • Dealing with risks before they can cause harm
  • Working to create a positive patient safety culture
  • Building safer systems
  • Recognising everyone’s role in patient safety

More information about the Patient Safety Syllabus training and how to access to the elearning modules can be found here:


Fundamentals of Safer Staffing elearning now available

Posted on: April 24th, 2023 by Nicola Kipling No Comments

The Fundamentals of Safter Staffing elearning programme has been designed in collaboration with the Chief Nursing Officer Safer Staffing Fellowship programme to provide an overview of the essential components required for nursing or midwifery staff planning, known as establishment setting.

It introduces the main principles and underpinning policy context and discusses the other considerations which need to be factored in. It describes the links with patient safety and quality care, staff deployment and what good governance looks like and there are a series of 6 modules which can be undertaken in any order for all healthcare staff, particularly nurses and midwives.

Dame Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England said, “as part of the ambition to build a workforce fit for the future, I am delighted to support the launch of this essential learning resource. This new elearning programme will provide all clinical managers and team leaders across our health and care systems with fundamental knowledge required to ensure a safe, sustainable and productive nursing and midwifery workforce.”

For more information and to access please visit the Fundamentals of Safer Staffing programme page.

New Learning Hub resources to support AHPs

Posted on: March 31st, 2023 by Vanessa Bassnett No Comments

A new catalogue of resources has launched on the Learning Hub to share knowledge, resources and helpful links as part of the National AHP Preceptorship and Foundation Support Programme.

This supports AHP’s of all professions and working across all sectors to access high quality preceptorship and foundation support as they transition into and between roles or employment and progress through their careers.

The Learning Hub catalogue is managed and overseen by the National AHP Preceptorship and Foundation Support Programme, but development is guided by emergent needs, and the wider AHP community of practice.

The site content will grow as resources are developed and gather contributions from individuals, teams, organisations, professional bodies. Ensuring this is representative of all healthcare sectors is essential – and so the team are welcoming resources to be shared with the national team to be uploaded.

If you have something to add, please connect with the team via our shared inbox ahp-preceptorship@hee.nhs.uk

To access the catalogue go to https://learninghub.nhs.uk.

Respiratory Disease Toolkit is available

Posted on: April 13th, 2022 by Rachel Gowland No Comments

Aligned to the NHS Long Term Plan, the Respiratory Disease Toolkit includes a list of online resources to support all health and social care professionals and multi-disciplinary teams in gaining the appropriate level of knowledge, skills and experience they need, to deliver effective respiratory disease prevention and care to people with respiratory disease, and at risk of respiratory disease. You can read more about the toolkit, including how to access it, by visiting the Respiratory Disease programme page.

New Recognising and Managing Deterioration e-learning programme launched

Posted on: December 4th, 2020 by Leanne Hargreaves No Comments

Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) has worked in partnership with London South Bank University and Bournemouth University, to develop a new, free elearning programme to support health and social care professionals working in clinical environments where patients could physically deteriorate.

The Recognising and Managing Deterioration programme is an elearning resource offered at two levels, universal and advanced, to reflect the participant’s experience and clinical setting. This resource is structured around the ABCDE assessment tool and allows participants to revise their anatomy and physiology, develop their skills and knowledge in the assessment process to recognise deterioration and manage the findings within the scope of their clinical role.

Changes to vital signs, behaviour and mental state often occur before a serious event, such as cardiac arrest. Being able to recognise and act on these changes are essential skills to improving patient safety and outcomes. A range of resources are available in this elearning programme to support the workforce and organisations in ensuring staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to recognise and manage deterioration in adult patients.

How to access the elearning
The Recognising and Managing Deterioration elearning programme is available to the health and care workforce via the elearning for healthcare Hub.

You can learn more about the elearning resources on the Recognising and Managing Deterioration programme page.

elfh is a NHS England programme in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies