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Accessible Information Standard

Posted on: May 10th, 2016 by Frankie No Comments

A new elearning resource on the Accessible Information Standard is now available to access.

The Accessible Information Standard aims to establish a framework so that patients and service users who have information or communication needs relating to a disability or sensory loss, receive accessible information and communication support. The elearning resource provides training for all health and social care staff to help them effectively apply and follow the Standard.

There are two elearning sessions available:

  • Accessible Information Standard: Introduction provides an overview of the Standard and explains how to ensure that the information and communication support needs of people with a disability or sensory loss are identified, recorded, flagged, shared and met.
  • Accessible Information Standard: Towards Excellence builds upon the Introduction session and aims to enhance learners’ knowledge, skills and confidence around supporting individuals with information and communication needs and effectively applying the Standard in health and care settings

For more information and to access the sessions visit:

Make Favourites your favourite area of the Hub

Posted on: May 6th, 2016 by Frankie No Comments

Did you know you can “favourite” your elearning?

Wherever the elearning is listed on the Hub, a star is displayed alongside that content. By clicking on the star you can “favourite” that piece of content whether it is a session or a course or a learning path.

You can then access the favourites directly from the magena star on the main menu.


We think this is a quick and convenient way to access the content you use most frequently.

But we are aware that the Favourites screen is just a listing of all your favourites and while there are ways to sort the list, there is no way to organise the items in that area.

For example, you may wish to create your own folders and move favourites into those folders effectively creating your own Learning Path for future use.

As a tutor, you may then want to share that learning path with other users of the elfh Hub to encourage your trainees to engage with a “course” of elearning that you have created.

So I guess I have a number of questions:

Are favourites useful?

Would you like us to extend the usability of this functionality?

Should we create a favourites panel on the dashboard?

Hub Release 1.016

Posted on: May 6th, 2016 by Frankie

Work included in the Hub release dated 28/01/2016

  • Correct Advanced Search for eIntegrity customers
  • Improve the performance and presentation of the Enrolment screen
  • Additional registration option for users working in University Dental Schools
  • Update the style templates for administration reports
  • Bug fixed relating to eFM Certificates throwing a javascript error
  • Improve the message to users trying to “refresh” session window
  • Improve management of system icons
  • Refinements to administration reporting
  • Bug fixed relating to statuses not updating correctly for non-scorm content
  • Improve account security when using the browser “back” button
  • Introduce Log In Wizard rules to improve user account maintenance

Hub Release 1.017

Posted on: May 6th, 2016 by Frankie No Comments

Work included in the Hub release dated 01/03/2016

  • Bug fixed to stop registration emails from being blocked from NHS sites
  • Bug fixed relating to the Hub links to eIntegrity website
  • Bug fixed relating to My Activity reporting and programme selection
  • Improve message to users when a session times out
  • Improve search results for eIntegrity users
  • Bug fixed with eIntegrity Hub showing elfh Hub styling
  • Bug fixed relating to Reporting Permissions screen display
  • Bug fixed relating to NHS registration form and the job role
  • Improve formatting for description fields in administration reporting
  • Bug fixed for My elearning timing out and trying to play a session
  • Improve performance of My elearning Expanded View
  • Bug fixed to correct the display of Updated Date on Session Component Information page


Posted on: May 4th, 2016 by Frankie

The Epilepsy programme is live and consists of two elearning sessions. The sessions are aimed at healthcare professionals working in primary care, to enable them to better support people living with epilepsy.

The main outcomes are to ensure that GPs have access to a high quality learning module to enable better support for people living with epilepsy

The project aims to demonstrate to GPs the important role that primary care plays in providing support for people living with epilepsy. The sessions are 1) Diagnosing and Managing Patients with Epilepsy 2) Special Management Issues in Epilepsy and can be accessed now via the elfh Hub

For more information visit

elfh is a NHS England programme in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies