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TEL News June 2019

Posted on: June 30th, 2019 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

This month’s edition includes an update on Simulation KPIs and a feature on the launch of a new immersive technologies centre at the University of Leeds. There is also details of the new Intellectual Disability and Depression elearning plus an update on the Doctors in Training programme.

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Intellectual Disability and Depression e-learning programme launched

Posted on: June 18th, 2019 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) has worked with the University of Glasgow, University of Warwick, Lancaster University and Bangor University to develop an elearning programme introducing two therapies that have been adapted for people with intellectual disabilities and depression.

The Intellectual Disability and Depression elearning programme introduces two therapies – Behavioural Activation and Guided Self-help, that have been adapted and carefully tested in recent research. The elearning sessions are aimed at health and social care professionals with experience of delivering psychological therapies to people with intellectual disabilities.

The sessions, which take approximately one hour to complete, use several approaches, including films of the therapies, to give the learner background information about the adapted behavioural activation therapy called ‘BeatIt’ and an adapted, guided self-help intervention called ‘StepUp’. The learner will also understand the preparations they need to make for delivering the therapies, along with knowledge of some of the main issues that can arise when delivering therapy.

When completing the programme, the learner can download the ‘BeatIt’ and ‘StepUp’ manuals and materials. It is hoped that with appropriate supervision and continuing professional support, those who complete the modules will go on to gain the skills and confidence to deliver the interventions as part of their routine practice.

The elearning programme is available to access via the elfh Hub and NHS Education for Scotland’s digital platform.

For more information about the programme, including details on how to access, visit: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/intellectual-disability-and-depression-talking-therapies/.

June 2019 Foundation e-learning programme update

Posted on: June 14th, 2019 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

The Foundation elearning programme has been developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in partnership with Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) and is approved by UKFPO.

Do you need to complete parts of the curriculum on your e-portfolio which you do not cover in day-to-day practice? If so try some of our free elearning mapped directly to the Foundation Professional Capabilities (Training Outcomes) in the 2016 Foundation Curriculum.

The elfh sessions in the Foundation elearning Programme –

Professional capability: 9

Recognises, assesses and initiates management of the acutely ill patient; describes how to assess and manage the treatment of the acutely unwell and recognise your level of competence as a Foundation doctor. The assessment and management of a patient’s fluid status, the presentation and management of sepsis and arterial blood gas sampling and interpretation are discussed. Managing patients with a reduced level of consciousness or acute pain is covered, as well as how to deal with a patient who self-harms.

The elfh sessions in the Foundation elearning Programme –

Professional capability: 10

Recognises, Assesses and manages patients with long term conditions; describes the impact of long-term conditions and how to manage them both in the healthcare setting and after discharge.


  • Senior Advice: When to Stop for Help
  • Assessment and Initial Management
  • Re-evaluation and Monitoring
  • Managing Low Urine Output
  • NICE IV Fluid – Assessment
  • NICE IV Fluid – Principles and Five Rs
  • NICE IV Fluid – Properties
  • NICE IV Fluid – More Complex Scenarios
  • NICE IV Fluid – When It Goes Wrong
  • Managing Sepsis
  • Arterial Blood Gas Sampling and Interpretation
  • Patient with a Reduced Level of Consciousness
  • Pain Management
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Self-harm Assessment
  • Managing Self Harm
  • Impact of Short-term and Long-Term Physical Problems on Daily Living
  • Ward and Therapy Services
  • Assessment of Ability to Self-care after Discharge
  • Ward and Social Services
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Options for Nutritional Care
  • Family Dynamics Affecting Discharge
  • Management of Long-term Disease in the Community.

To access the elearning on the elfh Hub use your login supplied by elfh at the beginning of your foundation training: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/foundation-programme/.

Medico-legal Training programme

Posted on: June 14th, 2019 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

A new elearning programme from Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) aims to support health and care professionals with court-related experiences.

The Medico-legal Training programme provides resources for doctors and other health and care professionals who may be asked to write a statement or report or give evidence in a coroners’ or other court for the first time. It aims to offer support for what can be, for many, a daunting experience.

It includes brief video lectures and PowerPoint slides from the lectures as well as sample statements and references.

Course materials were developed by HEE Kent, Surrey and Sussex with staff from the London Havens, and health professionals with experience of the legal system. The Havens are sexual assault referral centres which have developed considerable experience in training clinicians to undertake forensic examinations and aftercare.

The elearning resource is available now on the elfh Hub and will soon also be available on the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

For more information about the programme visit: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/medico-legal-training/.

Doctors in Training Induction Programme: update

Posted on: June 3rd, 2019 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

Last year Health Education England (HEE) developed and launched a free, national online induction programme for doctors in training. It incorporates key relevant clinical topics which support doctors in training with the additional competences needed as part of their induction to provide high quality patient care.

The content is available as three ‘patient journey’ scenarios and each come with an assessment to confirm competence acquisition. Completing this content in advance allows Trust induction days to focus on welcome, orientation and key local learning; saving time and enhancing the experience. The competencies gained through this online induction package can be ‘passported’ for up to three years as the doctors in training move between Trusts.

The scenarios included in the programme cover the following topics:

  • Scenario one – Blood Transfusion and Consent
  • Scenario two – Safe Prescribing and Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
  • Scenario three – Mental Capacity Act and Death Certification.
  • Each scenario also covers the learning outcomes for Risk Management and Record Keeping, where relevant within the patient scenarios

Between June and December 2018, we conducted an evaluation of the programme via an online questionnaire. In response to the feedback received, we will be undertaking a review of the assessment questions and plan to update them to improve the experience for learners. The updated assessment sections will be available from July 2019.

We have created an infographic to demonstrate the usage of the Doctors in Training Induction Programme. The data breaks down usage by region, device, grade and month. We are encouraged by the usage of the programme, but would like to see even more doctors in training accessing the resource and would be grateful if you would share details about the programme throughout your network.DIT Infographic May 2019

For more information on this programme, that is free for doctors in training to access, please visit: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/doctors-in-training-induction/.

Career Planning for Pre-Registration and Foundation Pharmacists

Posted on: June 3rd, 2019 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) has developed an elearning course to help Pre-registration and Foundation Pharmacists, in the early stages of their careers, make informed career choices and effective applications for future career steps. This course is the latest in a number of bespoke career planning courses developed for health professionals within the elfh career planning programme.

The course will provide Pre-Registration and Foundation pharmacists with a deeper level of understanding of how to ensure future career planning is informed, realistic and robust. The course is based around five sessions, with the first being a course introduction and the remaining sessions concentrating on the four-stage SCAN career planning model:

  • Self-awareness which includes reflecting on values, work preferences, skills interests, personality and career stressors
  • Career exploration which includes consideration and research of career options available, as well as developing effective networks
  • Arriving at your decision which focuses on decision making types and methods as well as how to check the robustness of career decisions
  • Next Steps which offers advice, information and examples on CV development, job applications and preparing for interviews as well as effective action planning.

For each session, learners have the opportunity to compile a distinctive, thorough personal portfolio of research and reflections contained in a downloadable workbook, which can be used to support job applications and interviews.

The programme is available via the elfh Hub and the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

For more information about the course visit: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/career-planning-for-healthcare-professionals/.

TEL News May 2019

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May’s issue of TEL News includes details of Health Education England’s elearning for healthcare Hub reaching one million users. There is also an announcement about a new Work in Health resource and the launch of the Place of Birth elearning programme.

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