January 2017 – elearning for healthcare
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e-derm - learning resources for healthcare professionals

Posted on: January 31st, 2017 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

Health Education England elearning for healthcare has worked with the British Association of Dermatologists to develop three new sessions as part of its elearning programme looking at the diagnosis and management of dermatological disorders.

The new sessions cover: Introduction to psychosocial management in dermatology; Psychosocial assessment in dermatology practice; and Psychological interventions for dermatology patients.

The elearning resource, aimed at healthcare professionals working with patients with skin conditions and other members of the NHS workforce, is based on the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board curriculum in dermatology.

The programme includes more than 160 sessions, which cover topics including management of melanoma, acne, and psoriasis.

NHS clinicians and students can access the free learning resources. Please click here.

Learning resources promoting integration of physical and mental health launched

Posted on: January 23rd, 2017 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

Health Education England has worked with UCLPartners and NHS mental and physical health experts to develop a suite of educational material for use across primary and secondary NHS health settings.

“Breaking Down the Barriers” aims to support education across the NHS workforce by providing the training materials to enhance existing skills, increase knowledge for early recognition, assessment, management and signposting of mental and physical health needs of patients.

A key aim of this work is to facilitate and encourage collaborative working and the sharing of resources and training delivery arrangement between NHS Trusts. The education and training materials cover the following areas:

* Mental Health awareness in emergency and urgent care settings
* Physical Health awareness in mental health settings
* Child and Adolescent mental health awareness training for GP practices in primary care
* Child and Adolescent learning disabilities awareness training for GP practices in primary care

The resources are a combination of classroom training, videos, simulation training, presentations, case based scenarios, case studies, tutorials and quizzes.

Breaking Down the Barriers awareness training packages and associated materials are available as a free downloadable resource from HEE elearning for healthcare for use across primary and secondary care settings.

To access the resources please click here.

e-Learning launched on clinical pharmacology

Posted on: January 13th, 2017 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

Health Education England elearning for healthcare has worked with theĀ British Pharmacological Society to develop an elearning programme based on the principles of clinical pharmacology that underpin safe and effective prescribing.

Prescribe” provides elearning materials to help healthcare students to develop a firm grounding in the principles of clinical pharmacology and use of medicines more generally. The elearning resource contains both interactive learning sessions and information designed to support students in achieving the relevant knowledge and skills outcomes.

The elearning programme is intended to complement existing teaching initiatives and is made available free of charge to students registered with UK universities and NHS-affiliated organisations.

Prescribe is based on the learning outcomes set out in Outcomes for Graduates (originally published in Tomorrow’s Doctors 2009). These reflect earlier proposals made by the Safe Prescribing Working Group, convened by the Medical Schools Council in 2007, and are set out in greater detail within the British Pharmacological Society’s curriculum for medical students.

These competencies include the ability to:

* establish an accurate drug history
* plan appropriate therapy for common indications
* write a safe and legal prescription
* appraise critically the prescribing of others
* calculate appropriate doses
* provide patients with appropriate information
* access reliable information about medicines
* detect and report adverse drug reactions.

Prescribe will also provide material that is relevant to UK final year medical students preparing to sit the Prescribing Safety Assessment and is also aligned to many of the competencies highlighted in the recently published Prescribing Competency Framework.

To access the elearning click here.

National Care Certificate e-learning programme

Posted on: January 3rd, 2017 by Frankie No Comments

As part of the continuing drive to implement the Care Certificate nationwide, Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) is developing an elearning programme. This is being supported by a steering group with membership from HEE’s local offices and content is being developed and reviewed by subject matter experts.

The programme will provide a suite of learning to support the underpinning knowledge for the Care Certificate. It will utilise the work completed in the existing online workbook which was developed by HEE, Skills for Care and Skills for Health, with health and social care staff across the country.

Part of the programme has been piloted by Care Certificate assessors and students across the country and feedback from this will help shape the final programme, which will be available in March 2017.

Access to the Care Certificate elearning programme will be free of charge for health and social care staff. All learning will be available within a single, structured, accessible programme and all activity will be recorded within the user’s account as evidence of completion.

For more information please contact Victoria Winlow, Assistant Programme Manager, HEE elfh by email.

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